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How to see someone's comments on Facebook

In the guide below, I'll give you some tips to see what a person is doing on Facebook and, in particular, what comments they leave and who they interact with. That way, you will have an overview of that person's online activities, as well as what the users are, they are interacting with the most, and how much time they spend on Facebook each day. You can do all of this anonymous do even if you have been banned (using exactly two of the three suggested methods). Are you ready for this All right, let's get started.

How to see someone's comments on Facebook

Before continuing to see someone's comments on Facebook, let me spend a few seconds on advice. As I told you first, it's never good to spy on someone on social networks (even if it's the best). A relationship, whether parent-child or between two people who love each other, must first and foremost be based on mutual trust.

If you have any doubts about someone around you, ask them directly what is happening or if there are any problems. If you can't help but "spy" on them on Facebook, try to be as discreet and less invasive as possible.

Please note in any case that not me for disputes be held responsible that may result from the application of these procedures. The guide is written and published for informational purposes. Read on at your own discretion.



If you're interested in seeing someone's comments on Facebook to find out the latest reflection that was left on your profile or page, just click that Facebook notification icon and scroll through the list until you find out what you're interested in. Of course, this method isn't very convenient or quick, but it allows you to confidently find out recent interactions with your partner or child and how long you haven't spoken (on social, of course).

Notifications are also useful for finding out if the person is interacting with posts or conversations that you've tagged in or left a comment on: Facebook will actually warn you when someone adds a new comment to content that you're in concerns in any way. To help you, you can also use your Activity log (or that protocol the other person).

Stalk scan

On the other hand, if you want to anonymously read someone's comments on Facebook, I recommend that you Stalk scan to use. It is a meta search engine that, with the help of the so-called graphic search from Facebook, is able to public information via a user of Mark Zuckerberg's social network. Among these you will also find Comments to photos, videos and posts.

To do this, you have to yourself first log into your Facebook account, after person search that interests you and log into their profile. Copy now the urlthat appears in the browser bar and that roughly matches.

Then connect to StalkScan and paste the address you just copied into the field in the middle of the screen. After starting the search, you will have to wait a few seconds for Stalkscan to finish the search. On the results page, look for the Comment field: Just click the buttons photo, Video and Contributionto find what you've been looking for. You can also likely see private profile photos marked as public.

Secret Revealer for Facebook

Another useful tool for seeing a person's comments on Facebook and finding out what they are doing is Secret revealer. this is a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers that allow you to get the same results as Stalkscan without having to “leave” Facebook.

After you've downloaded it and installed it in your browser, sign into your Facebook account at, look for the personwho should "review" and access their profile. At this point you just have to hit the button Secret revealer Click (in the top right corner) and wait for the extension to do its job. A list appears with all information that is publicly available and that you can view without restriction: Find the comment, click on it and you are done.

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