What is it like to live in Houston TX

USA: Houston is a good place to live

More and more young and educated people are choosing Space City - and the trend is rising. The average age is now 33 years. There are many factors that make Houston a city worth living in. Above all, the region shines with particularly good economic data: The economy is flourishing because the gas and oil industries create jobs, while there is a recession everywhere else. In addition, living in Houston is still relatively inexpensive: Compared to other US metropolises, the cost of living is low and even below the national average. A lot has also happened in terms of urban planning in recent years. New, modern residential complexes were built in the center, old buildings were extensively renovated or are now being used for other purposes. For example, old factory buildings have been converted into restaurants or art galleries.

Important factors: education, skilled workers, culture and cuisine

When it comes to education, Houston is well positioned: there are four universities and colleges in the city area alone. It also has the highest proportion of healthcare professionals in the United States. However, because the pleasure should not be neglected, there is a lot on offer for leisure activities. Over 8,000 restaurants pamper the palate with every imaginable taste - Houston is particularly known for its Tex-Mex cuisine. Those interested in art can look forward to an innovative theater scene and museums of international standing.

Houston - a kid-friendly city

In addition to numerous playgrounds, there are also many opportunities for children: The Children's Museum, for example, is specially geared towards the interests of young explorers. Just outside the city, the Space Center Houston gives an insight into the everyday life of an astronaut and the Kemah Boardwalk theme park invites you to ride a roller coaster. More central is the Houston Zoo, whose spacious grounds are home to more than 4,500 animals. If you feel like exploring Houston yourself, you can now travel there particularly comfortably: Since August 1st, Lufthansa has been offering direct A380 flights from Frankfurt.

By Kathrin Wiesmann, MARCO POLO News editor

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