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GALGENMĂ„NNCHEN game for learning German: Time - what time is it?

Extremely popular game for learning to write or just for fun.

In our hangman for German learners, the computer selects a German word from the selected list and you try to guess it by clicking the keys on the keyboard. The game is on a beach and if you give the wrong answer, the sky and the sea get darker until ... well, you'll see for yourself!

With our game Hangman will you learn the German vocabulary for the topic "Time - what time is it?You can find the subject vocabulary in the vocabulary list and consists of 10 expressions to tell the time.


How to play hangman

  1. It's all set on a beach - there's an on-screen keyboard and empty boxes for the word or phrase.
  2. Spaces between words are indicated with the underscore (_), but punctuation marks (., -) are filled in by you.
  3. Guess letters in the word or phrase by clicking the letters on the keyboard.
  4. Correctly guessed letters appear in their place in the word or phrase.
  5. Wrongly guessed letters add lines on the gallows and on the male. Incorrect letters are shown crossed out above the keyboard.
  6. Keep going until you've guessed the whole word or until the man is hanging on the gallows.