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Children's bike size

Many people literally have a passion for cycling in the cradle. The first steps for this can take place in early childhood: With scooters and balance bikes, the toddler can already develop a feeling for maintaining balance. However, children's bicycles with cranksets that are deliberately kept simple offer the child the most important entry point into mobility. So that the child can also enjoy it, it is extremely important that that Children's bike is ergonomically adapted to the child, i.e. the size of the child. This makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the child enjoys cycling and can act safely. A frame that is too large is tantamount to a bad buy; much more: you risk the health and safety of your child in traffic! But how do you know which ones Children's bikes the size match your child? How can the Determine size or to calculate?

Two important factors

To with one Children's bike the fitting Determine size To be able to do so, you have to orientate yourself on two decisive factors: the height of the child and the length of the inside leg, also known as the step length. Because everyone has different proportions and is built differently - if you only measure your height, you may make a mistake when buying a bike. Incidentally, this also applies to adult bikes.

How do you find out the stride length? To do this, the child stands with his back against a wall. Make sure that the child is not wearing shoes and is standing upright. Then take a book that the child presses between their legs as if they were sitting on the book like on a bicycle saddle. Finally, measure the distance from the floor to the top of the book.

It should be possible to adjust the saddle of the children's bicycle so that its height roughly corresponds to the child's stride length. It is sufficient if the child can touch the floor with outstretched legs from the bicycle saddle. If the children's bike is too big, the child will have problems maintaining balance, especially when standing, starting up and suddenly braking.

Table for Determine and calculate the right one size one Children's bike:

Please note that these are only guidelines! The safety of the child is very important to us. It is therefore always important that the purchase of a children's bike is tailored to the child.

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