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Anycast: Routing scheme for flexible and stable networks

Anycast not only makes networks and the transport of data streams more efficient and more resistant to malfunctions and failures. Also the security benefits from the routing scheme. Distributed computing (or distributed infrastructures) are usually less susceptible to hacker attacks and can often also react better to attacks. Anycast routing is particularly effective against denial-of-service attacks (also known as DDoS attacks), which hackers can use to bring digital infrastructures to their knees.

Through a enormous traffic, which is generated by hijacked computers and IoT devices around the world and specifically directed to the victim of an attack, overloaded websites and servers can no longer be reached, at least temporarily. The operators of websites or servers who, for example, handle a large online sales campaign or want to stream a significant live event, will then are often blackmailed and have to buy their way outto avert financial damage, for example.

Anycast can cause DDoS attacks Distributed over a large area according to the diffusion principle and thereby at least weakened (comparable to a raging river, the force of which is defused by cleverly distributing the water masses in floodplain areas and side arteries). At the same time you can attack by distributing Limit the width and continue to enable many users to access the infrastructure via alternative routes. However, it has to Anycast network big enough and be efficient in order to combat such attacks, some of which are extremely complex, effectively and reliably.