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Marantz CD5400 CD player

Product information

  • The Marantz CD-5400 player produces a rich sound, and clarity of music. Compatible with CD, CD-R, and CD-RW formats, the Marantz CD-5400 is ideal for many MP3 platforms. This CD player also has an array of playback modes, such as intro scan, program, random, repeat all, and repeat one. If looking to plug in a pair of headphones, the Marantz CD-5400 has several sockets, including analogue via 2 phono, digital coaxial and optical outputs and a front-mounted 6.3-mm (0.248-in) headphone jack that features an independent volume control . The Marantz CD-5400 player can conveniently fit wherever the user chooses, having a width of 44 cm (17.32 in) and a depth of 31.8 cm (12.52 in). This CD player features text as the CD text, and supports one disc at a time. In addition, the Marantz CD-5400 player only uses 12 watts of energy. With no background noise and a sleek design, this CD player wraps up to be a great audio listening package.

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    Product key features

    • Digital Audio Coaxial, Digital Audio Optical, Headphone Jack, Analog Audio


      Additional product features

      • Intro Scan, Program, Random, Repeat One, Repeat All
      • Total Harmonic Distortion
      • Audio signal to noise ratio