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Priority group 3
Corona vaccination: who is it now?

The vaccination of the third priority group has started in Germany. This means that people over the age of 60 and under 70 are now entitled to a vaccination. According to the Federal Statistical Office, that is around 10.5 million people and 12.6 percent of the population.

Who can get vaccinated now?

However, priority group 3 also includes certain professional groups such as the police and fire brigade. People who work in food retailers or pharmacies as well as employees from the telecommunications, pharmaceuticals or traffic and transport sectors can also register for vaccination. The latter includes the areas of post, express and courier services as well as freight transport. Election workers or employees of child and youth welfare are now also eligible for vaccination.

In addition, it is now the turn of people with certain diseases to have a vaccination appointment. These include autoimmune diseases, asthma, diabetes mellitus, HIV infections and cancer. Up to two contact persons of people in need of care who do not live in an institution and are over 60 can now arrange an appointment.

Who is in priority group 3?

A detailed overview of who belongs to the 3rd priority group can be found on the website of the federal government. In most cases, those who fall into this group need written confirmation of their occupation or illness. This must be presented at the vaccination appointment. The vaccination appointments are distributed either by telephone, online and / or by invitation - this differs from state to state.

The third group of people is also the last with prioritization: According to the Ministry of Health, vaccination prioritization could be lifted as early as June 2021. Then those who do not belong to the risk groups could also be vaccinated - which affects around 59.4 million people in Germany.