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25 km / h: does this car require a license?

Penalties for driving without a license

Vehicle driven without a valid driver's licenseFine
Up to one year imprisonment
Negligently driven without a licenseFine
Imprisonment for up to six months

In a nutshell: 25 km / h car

Can I drive a car up to 25 km / h without a license?

Driving a car up to or at 25 km / h without a driver's license or driver's license is not permitted. It does not count among the vehicles that do not require a driving license. If the vehicle is considered a hospital elevator, a moped test certificate may be sufficient. If this is not the case, you must have a driver's license. You'll find more about it here.

Who can drive a 25 km / h car?

Holders of the AM and B driving license classes are allowed to drive vehicles up to 25 km / h that are not subject to the regulations for moped test certificates or the transitional regulations for elevators. A medical elevator up to 25 km / h can be driven as a car with a test certificate if it was first registered before June 30, 1999 and the certificate was issued before September 1, 2002.

What sanctions are there if I drive a car at 25 km / h without a driver's license?

If you drive vehicles up to 25 km / h without the appropriate driving license, you are liable to prosecution. Driving without a license is punishable by a fine or a prison sentence of up to one year.

25 km / h: Does the vehicle require a license?

In many cases the Vehicle performance or its design-related top speed Influence on which driving license is required to drive. The Driving License Ordinance (FeV) specifies which Requirements for participation must be met in road traffic. With regard to the maximum speed of 25 km / h, the regulations for Driving a moped or similar two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

In § 4 FeV it is defined that in this case no driving license is required to participate in road traffic. Such a vehicle is up to 25 km / h so no license required:

two-wheeled motor vehicles of class L1e-B and three-wheeled motor vehicles of classes L2e-P and L2e-U [...] if their design guarantees that the maximum speed on a flat track is limited to a maximum of 25 km / h,

In addition, it is also stipulated in the named paragraph that for vehicles that are classified as Mobility aids or wheelchairs are permitted, no driving license is required either. In this context is Section 76 FeV also important. This contains the transitional regulations for older provisions, which also affect so-called 25-series cars. Because until September 01, 2002 it was still possible to have a 25 km / h car without a license to drive.

Vehicles have only been valid since then under the following conditions as a license free:

  • Design-related maximum speed of up to 15 km / h, not wider than 110 cm, empty weight of a maximum of 300 kg, electric drive, approved as a hospital elevator
  • Design-related maximum speed of up to 20 km / h, not wider than 70 cm, two-lane vehicle that is considered a mobility aid

In addition, these must Single seat vehicles and for the Use by the physically challenged be thought.

Cars with 25 km / h: is a moped test certificate sufficient?

The belief that road users are responsible for driving one on 25 km / h limited car do not need a driver's license, stubbornly holds on. One of the reasons for this is that many older citizens are still enjoying the Transitional regulations from § 76 FeV come. Because under the old regulations, you can continue to use cars with a maximum speed of 25 km / h, which are considered to be a hospital elevator and are subject to the regulations without a license to lead.

In these cases, however, you are allowed to drive without a driving license at all not even on the way be. Because even a car that is limited to 25 km / h is only allowed with Existing moped driver's license be driven. This includes a so-called moped car that reaches a maximum of 25 km / h. This car uses petrol as fuel and is no longer approved as a hospital elevator under the new FeV regulations. As mentioned before, an elevator can now only go over one electric drive feature.

Provided that the vehicle is used as an elevator before June 30, 1999 Approved for the first time, the moped test certificate before September 01, 2002 was issued and its curb weight no more than 300 kg the certificate for driving is sufficient. However, it is also important here that the driver is physically impaired, needs an elevator and that Total weight 500 kg is not exceeded.

Owns a car throttled to 25 km / h no such admission, the moped test certificate is not sufficient for driving. Because in § 5 FeV Paragraph 4 stipulates the following with regard to vehicles:

[...] Test certificate for driving mopeds and two- and three-wheeled vehicles up to 25 km / h [...]

There is no talk of 25 km / h cars here. With a moped test certificate, you may according to the valid regulations of the FeV no car or electric vehicle up to 25 km / h lead in public traffic.

So it definitely is a driver's license required. The question is, which one must be at least?

Car up to 25 km / h: Which driving license is required?

If you want to drive an e-car up to 25 km / h or similar restricted vehicles, you have various options. So that allows AM class driving license Driving motor vehicles with a design-related maximum speed of 45 km / h. However, the engine's performance must either be one Displacement of a maximum of 50 ccm or to 4 kW be limited.

If the displacement or the power is higher, a drivers licence class B necessary. This also applies if the vehicle has more than one or two seats. The car driver's license includes all vehicles up to 25 km / h. A car that is throttled or cannot drive faster due to its design, however, requires this driver's license no separate driving license or key number.

If you want to buy a micro or mini car that is limited to 25 km / h, check whether you can have the necessary driving license. It is not uncommon for these microcars to be offered online as license-free, but ultimately not to be. You can of course buy a car up to 25 km / h without a driver's license, only on public roads then you are not allowed to lead it.

Penalties for driving without a license

If you drive a 25 km / h car that is not a hospital elevator according to the transitional regulation and you do not have a necessary driver's license, do it criminal offense. That is true both, if at all no driving license own or own the vehicle only with a moped test certificate to lead.

In the event of an inspection, this will usually be the case than driving without a license scored and with a monetary or a Up to one year imprisonment punished.

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