What does not mean?

A sheinem cholem
I raised it
in by hamikdosh hashlishi
am i geven
koihanim zeinen ... basket
levi'im zingen shir hama'alois
Moishe Rabeinu ...
The Sanhedrin quakes
un hert ...
s'iz on ...
I have a holy face
a shein zain with ... light
oif zain ... a golden one

Ay dos iz er melech hamoshia'ch.

The whole gales

I got over it ...
es vilt shoyn no cholem nit zayn.

geyen me ale aheim
with Moshe Rabeinu

A sheinem cholem
I raised it
in Yerushalaim
zingt mit Freit

azoi fil tza'ar

you host changed
oi bistu my tayere child

malochim geyen
zey filn
with a nign

ay kissed ...
a chupe ongeshtelt

zaine love kaleh
mekadesh zayn
oy tzadikim tantzn
with chusn
I raised it ...

Nisht dared
shiker with freit.

A beautiful dream
I saw
in the third temple
I what
priests were (offering) sacrifice
levites singing the Song of Ascents
Moses our teacher ...
the Sanhedrin sits
and hears out ...

Ah, this is the Messiah-King.

The whole diaspora

this will soon be no dream.

we are all going home
with Moses our teacher

A beautiful dream
I saw
in Jerusalem
it came
singing with

so much sorrow

you have wandered
oh, you are my dear child

angels going

with a melody

his dear bride
to be married
oh the righteous men dancing
with the groom