How to open pex file

Microsoft Works text document

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wps files are text documents that were created with the word processing program of the Microsoft Works Office suite. Microsoft Works was the small version of Microsoft Office until 2007, but has since been replaced by the free Microsoft Office Starter, which is based on Microsoft Office and uses the new Word format docx. The last versions are Works 9 and Works Suite Plus 2008 (also contains Works 9). Works was already discontinued with version 4 on the Mac.

wps is its own format, but can be read by most newer Microsoft Office versions. Like doc files, wps files contain text, images and formatting instructions, but no macros, for example. In order to be able to load wps files in other word processing programs, they must first be converted. Either using Microsoft Word or a file converter.

The Microsoft Word Viewer can be used to view wps files from Works versions 6 and 7.

Microsoft does offer a file converter (for Works 6 - 9), but unfortunately this requires Word 2003 or higher to be installed. Separate converters are also available for older versions of Works; these will then also work with correspondingly older Word versions. As an alternative, there are various online converters (function not tested) and the chargeable ABC Ambertext converter.

Some Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu) have libwps, which enable different Openoffice variants (Ubuntu,, OxygenOffice) to open wps files. Alternatively, you can install the libwps-tools and convert files via the command line. An older version of the libwps-tools is also available for Windows.