Which is better. 12g bbs or 20g

The big wonder world of the BBS


First something basic:

Choosing the right BBs is considered a kind of "science" by many players. You can ask 100 players the question of choosing the right BBs and get 100 different answers. Therefore this summary is only an overview, reflects only a part of all opinions and can be seen as a kind of "starting point". Ultimately, it is up to each player to try out different BBs in different weight classes and find the best for themselves.


Difference between organic BBs and plastic BBs:

The first distinction between BBs is whether you have "organic BBs" or "plastic BBs". Bio-BBs are made from a mixture of different materials that are permanently biodegradable (e.g. stone meal, corn starch). Nowadays, organic BBs are in no way inferior to plastic BBs in terms of quality and price. Only organic BBs are allowed on most playing fields or events. The only disadvantage of organic BBs is that when they come into contact with moisture they swell over a longer period of time and thus no longer retain their original diameter and smooth round shape.

Tip: Collect small bags with silica gel and put them in the opened package or go to play airsoft more often;)


Which BBs do I use when?

All BBs are specified with a diameter of 5.95mm. They usually start at a weight of 0.20 grams per BB for organic BBs (even at 0.12 grams for plastic BBs) and are available up to 0.46 grams per BB.

Light BBs can be accelerated with less energy, but are much more susceptible to external influences, such as cross winds. Heavier BBs are more stable in the flight path, but also fly slower. BBs are usually offered in bags of 1kg each. With 0.25g you get approx. 4000 BB‘s, with 0.32g approx. 3125 BB‘s.

Here is a rough classification based on the Joule strength of the airsoft weapon:

Energy <0.5J - 0.20g BBs

Energy 1.0J-1.3J - 0.25g BBs

Energy 1.5J - 0.28g BBs

Energy 1.7J-1.8J– 0.30g BBs

Energy 2.0J - 0.32g BBs

Energy> 2.0J - 0.36g BBs

Energy 2.5J and higher - 0.40g / 0.46g BBs

(Grenades max 0.20g BBs)

As mentioned earlier, this is only a guide and not the ultimate wisdom. There are also players who even use 0.30g and 0.32g BBs at 1.0J.


Which manufacturer?

Here, too, no specific statement can be made in general. Basically, however, you shouldn't save on BBs and prefer to use a product from well-known manufacturers. What good is even the most expensive airsoft weapon when cheap BBs fly criss-cross at the target.

As an author, I prefer BBs from JBU, Bolt or G&G.



We hope we were able to give you a first insight into the topic and we are also happy to hear your feedback on how helpful our contribution was for you.


Author: tiger