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Learn to start correctly in the driving school

The Excitement before the first driving lesson is enormous for most driving license candidates. Many do not know exactly what to expect and are afraid of doing something wrong. First of all, the learner driver will use the Technology in the car and all important parts of the operation familiarized.

This is especially the case coupling crucial when the young driver is driving the car Learn to approach would like to. Only in this way can the vehicle be put into operation or moved. But how do you start a car properly?

A manual you will find this in the following guide. You will learn, among other things, when You at start-up to give gas need to know how a clutch works and which one Problems can occur during this process.

FAQ: learning to approach

How can I start off correctly?

Here you will find instructions on how to operate the clutch correctly in order to be able to start off correctly.

How do I start on the mountain with the handbrake?

Instructions are provided here for correct starting up on the hill with the handbrake on.

How do I start correctly?

In the driving school it will Start up with the car already in the first driving lesson instructed, because this is the only way to move the vehicle. So that you can pass this, you will find one below manualwith which you start driving in the driving schoolexercise properly can:

  • Find the grinding point: Step on the clutch and bring it to the point where the vehicle begins to roll.
  • Start-up: Once this point has been reached, you must hold the clutch at this point. In addition, you now accelerate a little.
  • Be careful you not too much gas otherwise the car could start moving too quickly. Wait, the vehicle accelerates by itself.
  • If the point has now been reached where the car no longer accelerates by itself, you can do the Release the clutch and quite normal go on.

How does a clutch actually work?

When starting, the coupling crucial. This is due to the way they work: With one engine finds the Power transmission on the wheels by a drive shaft instead of. This can be done with the help of the Coupling disconnected become.

While driving The washers of a clutch are pressed together. To step You then that Clutch pedalto shift into another gear, these Disks separated and the The engine is running so to say go on alone, but does not drive the wheels.

consider it: No master has fallen from the sky yet. By car start correctly to learn is not easy and can some time take advantage of. First of all, have one Feeling for the Grinding point developed, this process goes much faster of equip.

Approaching from the edge of the road

But learning to drive off is not only important in practice when driving a car. Also in the Theory test can you one Driving school question expect on this subject. This is then as follows: "How do you behave when starting from the edge of the road?". They have three possible answers:

  • A: Just look in the rearview mirror
  • B: Watch traffic behind you
  • C: blinking

A correct start-up with the car from the edge of the road looks like you will get the Watch rearward traffic and the Set indicators. If the opportunity arises, you can drive into the flowing traffic. So they are Answers B and C correctly. You should learn this when you start driving in driving school.

The Grinding point is Not with every clutch equal! Therefore, before you drive a car you do not know for the first time, testingwhere it is located.

Drive off with the handbrake on the hill

The Supreme disciplineif you start off with a clutch, that is Driving on the mountain or on an incline. This process is practiced intensively in the driving school and can on two different types to be carried out:

  1. Starting with the handbrake: If the vehicle comes to a stop on the incline, the parking brake is applied. If you want to continue driving, you have to accelerate until a speed of 3000 revolutions per minute is reached. Now step on the coupling up to the grinding point. Once this is reached, the car will start to vibrate as the engine tries to drive it, which does not work because of the handbrake. Now loosen it and the carriage will move without rolling backwards.
  2. Start the car quickly without the handbrake: Applying the parking brake is not a requirement to be able to move the vehicle on a hill. You can also apply the brakes and then use the clutch to get the car moving. Depress the brake and guide the clutch to the grinding point. Once this has been found, the vehicle can be started off without throttle. The car then begins to roll forward. When this moment is reached, switch from the brake to the accelerator pedal and the vehicle moves on.

Both variants are legitimate and are often used in daily traffic. Which one you like better, you have to try out. The approach in the Driving school will usually with handbrake practiced, as there is no risk of the driving school car rolling backwards and damaging other vehicles.

With a vehicle with automatic transmission the start-up process is no longer necessary. Is the circuit in the correct mode ("D") just becomes the Brake released and the Car rolls "By itself".

Problems starting up

Since start-up is a process that must first be learned, you can some problems on the first few tries occur. But even experienced drivers can, for example, be confronted with difficulties by the clutch when starting off.

Problems like "The clutch slips when starting up" or "The clutch stinks when starting up" on. These usually point to one wear down. Hence, you should definitely address the problem to get a check upbecause it is an essential part of your vehicle.

There are also a number of them other problemswhich are listed below:

  • Car jerks when starting: This can have different causes. For example, if the battery is very weak, it can jerk. It is also possible that you are in the wrong gear or that you are not accelerating enough.
  • The car goes out when pulling away: The so-called "stalling" of the engine occurs when you let the clutch come too quickly or cannot find the grinding point. If this mishap happens to you, don't panic but keep calm. Switch the engine back on and start again.
  • Start off with screeching tires: This requires a firm step on the accelerator pedal. If you also release the clutch quickly, the car will drive off with screeching tires.
If you have problems starting with the clutch, you should get one Go to the workshopwho notice the defect and repair can. Because if this is defective, serious accidents can occur.
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  1. When I started yesterday, I had real problems, especially the nervousness of sitting in the car for the very first time and driving myself and knowing that a small mistake is enough and it costs a lot of money I managed to stall the car 5 times in a row and then I'm the 6th time then only got off with a small trailer after about 50 attempts it worked just once to drive off without the car going out and even that had a small trailer and was not smooth I am really worried how I should ever learn: /

  2. So I have had my driver's license since yesterday and I drove to work alone for the first time today when I drove backwards out of the garage I hit the street and then wanted to go up the slope I let the clutch come on, accelerated and it only kicked off after 4 times I made it, I gave it a lot of gas and the clutch stank, I hope that doesn't happen to me again 😅 I'm not afraid or anything like that, I just have to say that I've never driven the car before 😁

  3. Had no problems in driving school. But only when parking your own car on level 4 attempts are needed. The first trip was still annoying when you wanted to get into the flowing traffic.

  4. Today I was at the driving search center for the first time, I was completely nervous the first time and it worked four times, but after more than twenty times stalled the coupling quickly or accelerated too much, say from the driver, you can reverse better than forward. I had a red head. Great,: - /. It means practicing more. No master fell on his head. We'll all make it. Ps one more thing doesn't make you crazy, stay cool if it doesn't work out at the beginning, give yourself courage, tell you I can do it, etc., the rest comes all by yourself, I want to give you that on the way.

    Kind regards

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