Endometrin cones, how far the ear should be inserted


The mysterious new senior doctor

I just came back from vacation, had been traveling for three whole weeks in South America and now duty is calling again and I have to work.

While I was sitting in the ward room and sitting over my patient curves, a doctor came in whom I had never seen in this house before.

Without taking any notice of me and without saying hello, he addresses my colleague Christian. It seems to me that Christian knows the doctor and the doctor gives me the impression that he already knows the ward here and not someone from another department to pay a consultative visit for a patient here. I look up from my desk and look at the Dr. Bastian Garcia Senior Physician.

Hm, nobody told me this morning that we had a new senior doctor on the ward, when I asked the others what was new. They all shrugged their shoulders, that's typical again.

About me, I'm Verena, have been working in neurology for 8 years now, am in the middle of life, am in steady hands and otherwise there is nothing exciting to report about me, normally nothing can upset me.

With me on the shift today is my lovable colleague Christian, my colleague Beatrix, we only briefly called Bea, the nurse's helper Claudia and a student nurse whose name I have already forgotten.

I listen attentively to the sonorous voice of the new doctor, pure High German, I concentrate more on his voice than on what has been said.

With his doctor's coat open, this doctor hurries back out into the corridor.

"Well Verena you can work that out right away, I have other things to do" Christian throws at me.

"I, I wasn't really listening, he turned to you, who was that anyway?"

"Well that was the new senior doctor!"

"I don't even know him yet, you haven't told me anything about it!"

"Oh, I think he's been here with us for two weeks."

"Yes, maybe a little more, where does he come from, how is he ...?"

"You could have asked him yourself, by the way, he's coming back ..." and falls silent.

I blush and have to turn around, I'm so embarrassed now.

"Mr. Senior Physician, by the way, this is Sister Verena, you don't know her yet, she is fresh from vacation today."

Slowly I offer him my hand to introduce myself, his hand is warm, his handshake is firm and a slight, appreciative smile crosses his face. He looks at me appraisingly, his gaze slides from the head to the tips of my feet.

“Garcia, pleasant, Bastian Garcia, senior physician here for two weeks. May I ask where you spent your vacation? "

That sounds like real interest, "I was in South America, more precisely in Argentina."

"Oh really? This is my second home! ”And his next question is addressed to Christian again,“ Please accompany me on the rounds, you probably know my patients better than your colleague who is just starting again !? ”

Christian gets up, tucks the curves under his arm and leaves the ward room with the senior doctor.

Where does that come from? I estimate him to be in his early to mid-40s and at first glance I don't necessarily like him, but I can't say exactly what that is.

Beatrix comes in, maybe she has more to say about him.

"You tell me why didn't you tell me this morning that we have a new senior doctor on the ward?"

“The Garcia? Oh, I've completely forgotten that, it's been there for a while and you've clearly been gone too long. What can I say?"

"Well, where does he come from, what is he like, what else does he do, is he married, the usual thing!"

Bea groans, "My God, he was the acting senior physician at a clinic somewhere in Germany, I don't know any more, he doesn't let out that much."

"What do you think about him?"

"First and foremost, quite exhausting, he asks us all the time."

"How, what does he ask?"

“Not what you are thinking now, he asks such technical matters, I am always very embarrassed when I don't know something. He's probably testing us according to our knowledge, well, of course, he also wants to know what our status is! "

"Aha, he asked me earlier where I was on vacation!"

“Look!” Bea looks at me in astonishment.

"He said that South America was his second home!"

"Well then you already know more than we do, respect!"

That's great news, I praise our old senior doctor, Dr. Kern, he always had an open ear for us and often brought us sweets, knowing that our breaks are often shorter. I miss him already, he's enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

It seems to me, that is, what I have already noticed from the others, it is not necessarily a pleasure with the new one and I am not particularly committed to going on rounds with him. I even secretly avoid it and act pretty busy when I see him so that he doesn't even speak to me.

I know that it will be my turn at some point and I already know that it wouldn't be good, that he scares me a little, his whole demeanor, his appearance, the way he talks and so on. My colleagues already have a bit of a head start, they already know what he wants and how.

So it hits me on a Saturday morning, I'm all alone in the ward room, no other colleague in sight, now I'm at his mercy.

"Good morning, sister Verena, do we want to?"

There is no question of wanting here, I have to, he probably won't want to wait for someone else.

"Would you like Christian ...?"

He doesn't even let me pronounce the sentence, "No, I want to make a visit with you now!"

I have to go through that now, what's going to happen, I'm no longer a beginner. Even before I get to the first hospital room, he asks me whether I am familiar with the term 'Romberg attempt' or the Unterberger step attempt.

A bit bumpy because I'm insecure, I can give him an answer promptly. He's quiet for now and leaves me with no further questions.

In the next room, instead of the previous hourly neurological checks, he now only arranges 3 hours. After he has verified our data and records. With a quick step he goes to the next room, he carries out small tests on the patient's site, finger-to-nose tests, etc., along the way, he asks me what the 12 cranial nerves are called.

I list them, on the 6th he stops me, "enough, thank you". It sounds like he's glad I told him that because he doesn't know himself. However, I immediately reject this thought.

Now I have to get a tuning fork for the next patient and he tests the patient with the tuning fork to see whether she can hear better when the fork is held behind or in front of her ear. This goes on for the next half hour and he seems happy with me.

He thanked me for going with them for so long, because he knows that our time is running out.

Still, I don't feel particularly comfortable around him, if not to say nervous and tense. So it happened that in the future I will avoid him as often as possible and let others go first. Somehow he is scary to me, his gaze pierces me and his gaze is not in a friendly mood, rather threatening, without a smile and without facial expressions. You just never know what your turn will be, I get the impression that he has more trust in the carers than in us sisters.

One morning I woke up at home in my bed, as so often I stretch myself and stretch my head back, maybe a little too quickly, but it is good for my tired bones and joints, at least that's what I thought until then.

Shit, what's wrong with me, like a lightning bolt it passes through me and I'm no longer completely in my mind, I'm spinning in bed, from now on I feel dizzy like I've never experienced it before, not even in In my youth, after a few glasses of alcohol, too much.

I let myself sink back, immediately take my head back and close my eyes, the vertigo becomes even more severe, so open my eyes again.

What is wrong with me? I feel a little sick too, I lie on my back for a few minutes and in fact I feel a little better again, but not quite well.

No, I can't stay at home today, I'll go to work anyway, let's see how I go on, I could go again if I got another attack like this.

I take it slowly, I can't go fast today, so I slowly peel myself out of bed, more in slow motion, I'm sure I'll feel better again after a cold shower, I'm sure of that.

Thoughts circling in my head, after all I have to know what it is, I work on a neurological ward, so to speak I have the right doctors on the spot. For this reason alone, it is worth going to work. Maybe I can get help on site quickly.

I arrive at the ward about 5 minutes late, the others are already wondering where I'm staying because I'm usually always on time. I tell you the short version so as not to disturb the patient handover.

"Then tell a doctor about it, you're in the right place!"

"Actually, I'm fine again, it was only a few seconds, I've never had anything like this, I'm still far too young for that!"

"Still, let it be clarified, then you can rest assured that it is something harmless."

“Don't be afraid of me! Maybe I didn't drink enough, that happens to me. "

The first doctor, Dr. Johannes Huber, a nice doctor, still an assistant, but very committed, and Bea has to tell him and forces him to examine me.

Reluctantly, I follow him into his doctor's office, "that's really not worth mentioning, I've been fine for a long time, otherwise I wouldn't have come to work at all!"

"No, no, let's go, it has to be examined, you lie down well now, I will first of all measure your blood pressure and do a few tests!"

"Oh, you don't have any time, send yourself to us, not that your authorities report you missing and look for you and my colleagues need me here too!"

“Yes, and what if you run around here all morning and then suddenly lie in some corner? Then we all won nothing, so be sensible, your colleagues and I am sure they will have the utmost understanding for you. "

Annoyed, I surrender, Dr. Huber, we call him in our colleagues only Johannes doesn't give in after all. As promised, he measures my blood pressure, willingly I give him my arm, on which he firmly attaches the cuff. I always find the pumping up uncomfortable, I don't have to inflate that far, my pressure is rather too low.

I knew it, Johannes wrinkles his forehead. "And how is he ? Low, right? "

"Yes, way too low to work, that would make me dizzy too!"

"You see, we already have the problem, I drank too little yesterday because I slept too much."

"You stay in bed, do you promise me that?"

"Forget it!"

"You!" And threatens me with a raised index finger, "I'll lock you up!"

"Ha! That is deprivation of liberty! ”But then I have to laugh too and while I am lying there I notice a slight spinning in my head again.

Oh, no. He wants to make a quick visit after all and brings me a coffee by hand. "Good for the circulation!" Winks at me and leaves me alone on the couch in the doctor's room.

The coffee is good and as long as I stay there, I don't have any complaints, but as soon as I turn a little ... I think I'm lying a little too flat and try to raise the head of the bed a little bit.

Suddenly the door is thrown open, I get a huge shock, without knocking, without warning, this Dr. Garcia in the doctor's room, it's John's doctor's room that he shares with another assistant, what is he looking for here?

"Uh, hello, are you looking for something?"

"My colleagues told me that you are lying here because they are so dizzy today!"

"No, I'm feeling much better again, but I've already told them."

“The colleague Huber sent me to you, he doesn't have time to look after himself at the moment, he had to go to new admissions and now I'll take care of you. What has already been done? "

"Nothing, i.e. the blood pressure was measured and the temperature!"

"Aha, and how was he?"

"The blood pressure? Well, rather low, at 90/60 I think. "

"Tell me how did the morning go, what did you do, do you do that often?"

"No, I've never had that, it started right after I woke up this morning when I was stretching in bed."

"Did you stretch your head, so turned your head back too quickly?"

"Yes I think so!"

"Then I'll do a simple test with you, the Epley maneuver, because the otholites will loosen and you will quickly be free of symptoms again if, as I believe, it is simple positional vertigo."

Dr. Garcia puts the bed down again, much to my chagrin.

"And if not?"

"We'll see, but I'm relatively sure what the cause is."

Dr. Garcia puts a bolster behind my head, which is definitely better.

He explains to me that I should lie relaxed on my back, he gives me instructions and I should follow them up. Ok, I'll let it go, it can't hurt. What bothers me is he himself, I would rather be Dr. Been Huber.

"So, now sit up first, you remain seated on the couch, your legs remain stretched out horizontally."

Okay, I sit up and look at him questioningly, he seeks my eye contact to confirm that it is correct.

"Well, turn your head 45 ° to the affected side, I will now quickly push you onto your back".

Okay, I'll keep my head in the side position and Dr. Garcia quickly pushes me onto my back, my head hanging slightly over the edge of the examination table, which is supposed to trigger new symptoms of vertigo.

Now Dr. Garcia about 30 seconds and I have to stay in this position to wait for the symptoms to subside a little. Then I have to turn my head 90 ° to the other side while lying down. He counts again for about 30 seconds and waits until he then turns me another 90 ° to the unaffected side. He counts again and then he grabs my arms and sits me up. I feel sick, I'm exhausted, how can it be that such a few quick, simple turns put me out of action?

"I'm so bad, I can't take it anymore!"

"I can see from your pupils that all of this has overwhelmed you, we'll do the same thing again, this time a little longer."

I can't, but the senior doctor knows no mercy, he guides me because I'm incapable of doing so and he allows me longer rest periods between the individual phases. In spite of all this, I am lying on the couch completely exhausted, I feel dizzy and sick and I think I am going to vomit.

"I need a crushing bowl!" Garcia looks around for help, but immediately discovers a pile of kidney dishes, of which he hands me one.

I think I have to break, but it doesn't work, I'm physically totally exhausted and I couldn't even get up now, I feel tired and exhausted as I haven't for a long time.

"I'll get an anti-emetic, I'll be right back with you!"

He rushes out with an open, billowing smock and lets the door slam into the lock. He'll be back in seconds and I can barely keep my eyes open.

However, I am in my right mind and give him my arm, he will surely put a needle and attach an infusion to me. I stretch out my arm, but can't really look, especially when someone tries to stick a needle in my arm. I can see a lot, but not with me!

"No, not the arm, I didn't see your ampoules in a hurry, I brought Vomex suppositories with me."

Oh god, that too! "Doctor, I can't now, I can't possibly ..." he interrupts me, "it's okay, I'll do it for you!"

"You want what?"

"I'll give you the suppository myself!"

"No, you probably won't ...?"

"Are you sick or not? So you are already lying on your side, if it is somehow possible for you, then pull your pants and panties down a little or should I do that too? "

This is terribly embarrassing to me and I hastily pull on my nurse's pants, which are much too tight. While I am struggling, Dr. Garcia to someone, "Yes, hello, I'm still in the doctor's room with your colleague, I didn't see anyone before, please bring me something to insert a needle, an infusion, electrolyte solution, a stand and dimenhydrinate IV."

I breathe a sigh of relief and keep my waistband up.

"No, no Sister Verena, it takes until Christian has put everything together, of course you will still get the suppository". My heart is pounding, how could I get into this precarious situation, inconceivable when the door opens now and no matter who comes in. If only the door is opened a crack, anyone who catches a glimpse has a glimpse of my most intimate places. But it's not just the nudity, no, this situation is even worse, what's going to be done to me in a moment. I pray to god let it go quickly.

Dr. Garcia pulls my trousers and my panties down with one movement, "please draw your legs a little bit and please let your buttocks relax now."

If only I wasn't so sick, I would like to hide, preferably to make myself invisible. I hear how he opens a can, he puts on examination gloves and lets them click with relish, he brought the whole box with him, because I hear him removing the blister and the sound of him pushing the suppository out of the plastic film . There is no mercy for me.

Oops, what was that, his finger with cool Vaseline penetrates my anus and spreads the grease. He then quickly presses the uvula between my cheeks. Immediately he pulls his finger back and is about to pull up my pants when he sees that this happens again. He pushes energetically, I feel his finger up to the stop on my anus and a releasing moan escapes me, which has probably unsettled him a bit.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, it's just because the suppository wasn't in the right place ...!"

"No thanks, it didn't hurt!"

At that moment Christian comes with the requested things, “Verena, you got it, how good that you got into work today. I'll stay with you as long as it's necessary. "

I turn on my back again, I quickly pulled my pants up, but the button on the side is still open. Christian holds my hand and caresses it until Dr. Garcia gave me access. Dr. Garcia connects the infusion, I should lie down until I feel better and I should in any case wait for the infusion to run in. He wants to look after me again later, he promises and leaves me alone with my colleague.

"What did he do, Verena?"

"That was the Epley maneuver and it made me feel sick."

"You poor thing, have you already taken a Vomex because the box is still lying around here?"

"Don't say anything, just don't say anything!"

Christian takes care of me touchingly and lo and behold, I feel better again really quickly, the dizziness is completely gone, I'm just a little tired. Today I don't have to work anymore, but I spend the rest of the morning in twilight sleep on the couch in the doctor's room. It doesn't take long for everyone on the ward to know what's wrong with me and that I'm in the doctor's room. They are all considerate of me and let me sleep.

Dr. Garcia comes by again and asks me how I am. “All good and thank you again, I'll be going home soon. But what do I do if this happens to me again? If I stretch and stretch myself too fast again? "

"You take the rest of the Vomex with you as an emergency pack and if so, you have us at work here!"

He can be personable and also very tender, I enjoyed it, but no one will ever find out.