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PayPal Plus - What is PayPal Plus & how does it work?

PayPal Plus is an all-in-one solution for quick and easy purchase in online shops. With this variant, four payment options are offered in one complete solution. You will find all the details about PayPal Plus in this guide.

  • All important payment methods in one solution
  • Many advantages for dealers and customers
  • Optimal payment methods in the online shop

Merchants can offer customers the following payment options with PayPal Plus:

All important payment methods that are preferred by many customers are offered. This has enormous advantages for small and medium-sized companies.

The advantages in this case would be:
  • Make all important payment methods available to customers
  • Make payments in the online shop optimally
  • Minimize abandoned purchases due to missing payment methods
  • Significantly increase the conversation rate

Pay without a PayPal account

  • Payment is also possible without a PayPal account
  • Payment via mobile devices is easy and convenient

It is particularly practical for customers when merchants rely on the PayPal Plus solution. Because it is even possible to use the payment methods without even having to have a PayPal account. A convenient, secure and customer-friendly payment is guaranteed thanks to PayPal Plus.

Practically, the payment methods are also displayed very well via mobile devices. If you want to shop via tablet or smartphone and the selected retailer relies on PayPal Plus, you can quickly and easily decide on one of the specified payment methods and make the payment.

Flexible and easy for dealers

For merchants, it has the advantage that with PayPal they have found a single central contact for the payment options. You don't have to go to a lot of different payment providers.

In addition, there is extensive and good support from PayPal for the merchant. The amounts are credited directly to the PayPal account of the respective merchant. The merchant always has an overview of the payments. The administration of the payment is also very comfortable and easy.

The following things also speak in favor of PayPal Plus:
  • no setup fee for the dealer
  • no monthly fees for shop operators
  • Transaction-based fees
  • easy integration of other payment methods

If necessary, the four payment methods PayPal, direct debit, invoice and credit card can be supplemented with additional payment options in order to be even more fair to customers with regard to payment.

Other payment methods can be:

  • Payment in advance
  • Cash on delivery
  • Third-party payment methods

Thanks to the possibility, customers have a very large choice between many different payment options. It should be noted that PayPal Plus is currently only offered to merchants within Germany.

Buyers who live outside of Germany can still shop via PayPal. However, in this case only PayPal and credit card can be offered as payment methods. This may also be expanded in the future.

A lot of security with PayPal Plus

  • Plus in security
  • With buyer protection
  • With seller protection

If PayPal Plus is integrated into a shop system, an increased level of security is offered. No matter which payment method customers choose, there is always PayPal buyer protection and PayPal seller protection in accordance with the applicable guidelines. This protective mechanism applies not only to the PayPal payment method, but also to credit card, invoice and direct debit payments. There is hardly a safer way for customers to shop and retailers to sell.

If the goods do not reach the customer or if these goods do not correspond to the description, the customer will be reimbursed both the purchase amount and the shipping costs upon request and after checking. Sellers, on the other hand, are optimally protected against payment defaults. Most importantly, dealers and customers can report a problem within 180 days.

Conclusion on PayPal Plus - good for merchants and customers

In the end, PayPal Plus is a good option for everyone involved. Dealers and customers benefit equally. Above all, the increased security for dealers and customers is particularly worth mentioning. Customers and salespeople can always feel safe and benefit from the increased security. In addition, customers are very flexible with regard to the payment method and can choose which payment method they prefer.

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