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German − English Dictionary Vol.I

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German − English Dictionary Vol.I 1

German − English I: A − L

German − English Dictionary Vol.I 2

German − English I: A − L

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German − English I: A − L

A 4
German − English I: A − L

Eel: eel, moray


Scavenger: scavenger

from: ex

from now on: hence, henceforth

unwind and rewind: wind

now and then: now and then, every now and then, on and off

change: to alter

modifying: altering

Amendment {f}: modification, alteration

Amendment−: amendment

Processing {n}: attention handling

processing: working out

Processing time {f}: processing time

Varieties: varieties

abnormal: abnormal

Abnormality {f}: kinkiness

Breakdown: dismantling

Breaking a queue: dequeuing

dismantle: abolish, to slash, dismantle

dismantling: retrenching

A 5
German − English I: A − L

bite off: bite off

biting off: biting off

receiving: getting off

got off

recallable: recallable

recall: to recall, recall

recalling: recalling

recalling: recalling

recalled: recall

Removals: recalls

unsubscribe: to countermand, countermand

unsubscribing: countermanding

canceled: countermanded

Unsubscriptions: countermands

begging: wheedle, wheedle out

begging: wheedling, wheedling out

pay off: to pay off

turn: bend off, to turn off

turning: bending off, deflective

Image {n}: image

Image {n} (copied): copy

A 6
German − English I: A − L

map: image, map

depicting: picturing

Illustration: image, picture, map

Figure {f}: illustration, mapping


setting: undoing

setting: undoing

blow-off: canceling

peel off: peel off

flaking: peeling off, flaking

fade out: dimmed, dim out, screen off

dimming: screening off

Low beam {n}: dim light, dimmed headlight

Dimmer switch {m}: dip switch

flash off: meet with a rebuff, rebuff

flashing: meeting with a rebuff, rebuffing

rinse off: buzz off

showering off: buzzing off

cancel: sever, cancel, abbort, to tear down, break off

Cancel: breakups

cancel: discontinue, abort, abort

A 7
German − English I: A − L

Abort without change: abort without change

aborting: aborting, aborting, breaking off, dismantling

Abrechung {f}: abruption

slow down: slow down

decelerating: slowing down, slowing

Abbremsung {f}: retardation

burn down: burn down, to burn down

burning down: burning down

dissuade: dissuade, wring

dissuasive: wringing, dissuading

crumbling: crumbling

Abort: break off

Abbruch {m}: dropout, severance, truncation, demolition

Abort code {m}: abort code

Abort macro {n}: abort macro

debit: write off

debiting: writig off

debiting: writing off

brush off: brush off, to brush off

brushing off: brushing off

abdicate: abdicate

A 8
German − English I: A − L

abdicating: resigning

Abdanker {m}: abdicator

Abdankung {f}: abdication

Abdications {pl}: resignations

cover: unroof, uncover, mask

covering: uncovering

Cover {f}: access cover

sealing: seal up, seal, caulk

sealing: caulking, sealing up

Sealer {noun}: caulker

Abdichter {pl}: caulkers

Abdichtung {f}: sealing

Seals {pl}: sealings


turn off: to turn off, to switch off

turning off

to throttle: throttle

throttling: throttling

Imprint {m}: imprint


pulling the trigger: squeezing off

A 9
German − English I: A − L

Darkening device: dimmer

Darkening {f}: dimout

evening: evening


Evening prayer: evensong

Eat dinner: have tea

Dusk {f}: dusk

Abenddämmerungen {pl}: dusks


Dinner: dinner

dinner: supper

Dinner {n}: supper, dinner

Dinner {pl}: suppers

Abendgarderobe {f}: evening dress

Evening parties: soirees

Evening bell: curfew

Evening bells: curfews

Abendkleid {n}: evening dress, gown

Evening dresses

Evening class: evening class

Evening classes: evening classes

A 10
German − English I: A − L

Abendland {n}: occident

Occidental: occidental


occidental: occidental

Abendrot {n}: sunset

Abendröte {f}: afterglows

Abendsonne {f}: setting sun

Abendstern {m}: evening star

Abendvorstellung {f}: evening performance

Abendzeitung {f}: evening paper

Adventure {n}: adventure

Adventure {pl}: adventures

adventurous: adventurously, adventurous, adventuresomely

Adventurer {m}: adventurer

Adventurer {f}: adventuress

Abenteürgeschichte {f}: adventure story

Abenteürleben {n}: adventurous life

adventurous: adventurously

Abenteürlichkeit {f}: adventurousness

Abenteürlust {f}: spirit of adventure

adventurous: adventuresomely

A 11
German − English I: A − L

but: however, but for all that, but, but, however

but (still) honest. : Though he's poor

but yes: why

but no: why

but of course! : why certainly!

Superstition: superstitiousness, superstition

superstitious: superstitious

superstitious: superstitiously

withdrawn: denied

denying: denying

Denial: denial

again: repeated

again: again

harvesting: harvesting

depart: leave, to depart

departing: departing

Departure: departure

Departure {f}: departure

Departures {pl}: departures

Waste: rubbish, drop

Garbage {m}: offall, declension, litter, garbage, apostasy

A 12
German − English I: A − L

Trash can: dustbins

Trash can, dustbin, dust bin

fall off: apostatize, fall off, secede

falling off, seceding, apostatizing, deciduous

sloping: deciduously

derogatory: snide

derogatory: snidely

derogatory comment: aspersion

derogatory: snider

derogatory: more unfavorable

Derogation {f}: snideness

derogatory: most unfavorable, snidest

Waste paper: wastepaper

Waste product {n}: waste product, by − product

Waste products {pl}: waste products

Fall time {f}: connection timeout, fall time

intercepting: intercepting

rubbing off: fading

write: indite, compose

drafting: composing, inditing

Abgabe {f}: composition

A 13
German − English I: A − L

rot: red off

decaying: rotting off

File off: file off

filing off

dispatch: dispatch

dispatching: dispatching, dispatching

Abfertigungen {pl}: dispatches

Dispatch office {f}: dispatch office

fire: fire off

firing off

Compensation {f}: forisfamiliation, compensation, gratuity

Severance payments {pl}: gratuities

Severance Agreement {m}: termination agreement

flatten: flatten

flattening: leveling

Flattening {f}: flattening, flat portion

Flattenings {pl}: flattenings

abate: wane, wanes

expires: waning

departing: taking off

drain: drain off, to flow off

A 14
German − English I: A − L

draining: draining off

Departures {pl}: takeoffs

Drainpipe {noun}: spout

demanding: demanding

deforest: deforest


Deforestation {f}: deforestation

Deforestations {pl}: deforestations

Query: request, inquiry

Query {f}: recitation, interrogation, inquiry

Interrogator {f}: interrogator

Query criterion {n}: qualifier

queries: scan, query, interrogate, request, sample

inquiring: quizzes

querying: quizzing

Query station {f}: query station, retrieval terminal

feel: sense

Abfühlstift {m}: pecker

Abfuhr {f}: removal

discharge: lead away, purge, discharge

laxative: evacuative, laxative, laxatively, laxative

A 15
German − English I: A − L

laxative: purging

laxative: purgative

Laxative {n}: physic, laxative

filling: fill

filling: filling

Bottler company {f}: bottler

Bottlers {pl}: bottlers


Abgabe {f}: tribute, tax

Levies {pl}: tributes, taxes

Departure airport {m}: airport of depature

Abgangsteuerung {f}: removal control, physical exit control

Leaving certificate {n}: leaving certificate

Exhaust gas: flue gas, waste gas

Abgaskühler {m}: exhaust gas cooler

Exhaust gas losses

processed: worn out, processed

dismantled: dismantled

deliver: to deliver

delivering: delivering

begged: wheedled out

A 16
German − English I: A − L

shown: mapped

bitten off: ask off

canceled: canceled

peeled off: peeled off

grayed out: screened off

blown off: met with a rebuff

bent off

dissuaded: dissuaded

burned down: burnt down

blown off: buzzed off

decelerated: slowed down

aborted: dismantled, aborted, abrupt, broken off

crumbled: crumbled

boiled: hard boiled

debited: written off

tied: undone

tied: undone

brushed off: brushed off

abdicated: resigned

covered: uncovered

sealed: sealed up

A 17
German − English I: A − L

served: served

turned off

trite: trite, tritely, hackneyed

throttled: throttled

printed: imprinted

pressed: squeezed off

harvested: harvested

fallen off: fall off

intercepted: intercepted

rubbed off: faded

formulated: indited

rotten: rotted off

Filed down: filed off

dispatched: dispatched

fired: fired off

flattened: leveled

abated: waned

departed: taken off

drained off

drained: drained

requested: demanded

A 18
German − English I: A − L

queried: prompted

led away: led away

bottled: filled

resigned: Compensated

fed: fed

submitted: delivered

slipped off: slid

poured off: poured off, decanted

dug off: dug off

grazed: grazed

delimited: zoned, marked − off

choppy: choppy, choppily, chopped, staccato

choppier: choppier

choppiest: choppiest

held: detained, kept from

held: kept form

suspended: taken down


healed: healed

outgoing (Tel.): out − bound

rushed: exhausted

A 19
German − English I: A − L

lifted: lifted

withdrawn / withdrawn

picked up: fetched

listened to: listened in to

strayed: strayed

chased: recovered a from

bought from

turned away: turned away

clarified: clarified

disconnected: pinched off

knocked off

knocked off: kocked off

faded away: faded away

nibbled off: nibbled off

bumped off: bumped off

snapped off

boiled: boiled

decoupled: uncoupled

scraped off: scraped off

got it: got

cooled down: cooled off

A 20
German − English I: A − L

abbreviated: shortened

abbreviated: abbreviated

Abbreviated addressing: abbreviated addressing

abbreviated: abbreviated

Abbreviated keyboard command: abbreviated keyboard command

kissed: smothered with kisses

unloaded: unloaded

deposited: deposited

drained: let off

expired: expired

licked: licked off

remote: remote

filed: discarded, discarded

rejected: spurned, disowned, disliked, declined, deprecated

completed: fulfilled

derived: deduced, derived, derivated, derivational

deflected: diverted, deflected, distracted

denied: abnegated

extinguished: extinguished

replaced: detached, redeemed, unsoldered

deal: done

A 21
German − English I: A − L

Deal! : It's a bargain !, It's a deal!

agreed: settled

emaciated: emaciated

mitigated: moderated

struggled: struggled with

signed off: paid off

gnawed off

averse: averse, disinclined, loath, antipathetic

Avoid: disincline

Disinclining: disinclining

averse: aversely, antipathetical

averse: antipathetically

Aversion to averseness

removed: waned

coerced: wrung from

compulsory: wrung from

worn out: outworn

seconded: delegated

MPs: assemblyman

Deputy: representative, deputy, delegate

peeled off: worked oneself to death

A 22
German − English I: A − L

adjusted: adjusted

picked: picked

flattened: prolate, oblate

flattened: oblately

rebounded: recoiled, rebounded, rebounded

tortured: worried


ragged: fagged, drudged

discouraged: dissuaded, dissuaded from

cleared: cleared

billed: deducted

departed: departed

trained: trained

rubbed off: rubbed off, towelled

sealed off: bolted

demolished: torn off

unrolled: unrolled

moved away: moved away

rounded: rounded

rounded: rounded

disarmed: disarmed

A 23
German − English I: A − L

slipped off

sagged: sunk

sawed off: sawed off

creamed: skimmed

sent: mailed

Abgesigte {m}: delegate

sucked off: sucked off

abolished: abolished, abolished

switched off: shorted, switched off

estimated: estimated

separated: isolated, cloistered

Isolation {f}: seclusion

shielded: shielded, sceened, screened

shielded / protective shield: shield

slaughtered: slaughtered

towed off

ground off: polished

Isolation {f}: insularity, seclusion

Closeness {pl}: seclusiveness

absurd: vulgar

greased: greased

A 24
German − English I: A − L

Make up removed: removed the make up

melted off: melted off

unbuckled: unstrapped

cut off: cut, cropped


pinched off: strangulated

deported: pushed off, deported

skimmed off: skimmed

shot down: killed, launched, downed

bevelled: sloped, canted, chamfered

unscrewed: screwed off

deterred: deterred

most deterred: most deterred

written off: copied

paced off

scrapped: slaved

abraded: grazed

shaken off: shaken off

weakened: understated, extenuated, weakened

weakened: weakenen

digressed: digressed

A 25
German − English I: A − L

swiveled away: deviated

sworn off: forsworn, abjured

sailed: sailed

sailed away: sailed away

apart from: apart from

apart from: irrespective, except for, apart from

soaped: soaped

roped down: roped down, roped

dismounted: dismounted

deposed: discharged, degraded, degraded

secured: provided security for, fused

separated: apart, secluded, separate, secreted, isolated

more separated

most separated

split off

more exhausted: more exhausted

Most exhausted: most exhausted

locked: locked

mirrored: reflected

removed: put off

splintered: splintered

A 26
German − English I: A − L

agreed: arranged, agreed

rinsed: washed up

ancestral: descended

stale: stale

paid: made − a − call − on

dusted: dusted

turned off: put down

postmarked: postmarked, stamped

quilted: stitched

coordinated: syntonic, voted, coordinated, attuned, tuned

cut off: contrasted with


repelled: disgusted

crossed off: wiped off

graded: graduated, graded

dulled: indifferent, deadened

more blunted: more indifferent

most blunted: most indifferent

crashed: crashed, falling, precipitated

supported: supported

searched: searched

A 27
German − English I: A − L

boggy: blunted

scanned: felt

sampled: sampled

divided: divided

typed: typewritten

worn out: worn out, shabby

Assigned claims: assigned book account

aborted: procured abortion


drained: dripped off

dabbed: dabed

dabbed: dabbed

condemned: condemned

deselected: deselected


modified: modified

migrated: migrated

turned away: averted

waited: waited for, bided

alternated: alternated

repelled: fended, parried

A 28
German − English I: A − L

devalued: devaluated, devalued

deviated: deviated

processed: liquidated, unwinded, transacted, transacted

rejected: repulsed, refused

to win: take pleasure in

run down: ruined

wiped: wiped

weighed: weighed

give up: give up

weaning: giving up

abandoned: given up

won: taken pleasure in

dropped: dropped


counted: counted

tapped off: drawn off

fenced off

emaciated: haggard

targeted: aimed at, tended

deducted: removed, deducted

branched off: crotched, branched off

A 29
German − English I: A − L

pour off: decant, pour off

pouring off: decanting, pouring off

adjust: gang

slide: slide

sliding: sliding

Idol: idol

Idols {pl}: idols

Idolatry {pl}: idolization, idolatrousness

idolatrous: idolatrous

idolatrous: idolatrously

dig off: dig off

digging off

graze: graze, graze

grazing: grazing

abreact: abreact

tap: tap

tapping: thumbing

delimit: mark − off, to mark out, delimit

delimiting: marking − off, delimiting

Delimiter {m}: delimiter

Delimitation {f}: delimitation, demarcation

A 30
German − English I: A − L

Demarcations, delimitations

Abyss: abyss, precipice, abysm, fovea

Abysses {pl}: abysms, precipices, abysses, foveae

abysmal: abysmal

abyssal: abysmally

Casting: casting


chop off: chop, chop, chop, chop

chopping off: chopping

tick off: tick off, to check off

hold: to deter, detain, keep from

keep from: to keep from, to prevent from

detaining: detainig, detaining, keeping from

Holding {f}: disincentive

lost: get lost

Treatise: essay

Abhandlung {f}: disquisition, treatise

Abhandlungen {pl}: treatises

Slope: slope

Slope {m}: declivity


A 31
German − English I: A − L

Dependencies {pl}: declivities

to depend, depend

depend on: to depend on

dependent: hinging, depending, taking down

dependent: taking sown

dependent: tributary, depend, dependent

dependent on: dependent on, dependent, depending

dependent: dependent, dependet

Dependent {pl}: dependents

dependent on: dependently

Dependency: subjection

Dependence {f}: dependence, interdepend

to be dependent on: depending


Resilience: inurement

run away: scram, scoot

abhaünd: bunking, scooting, scramming

lifting: lifting

Withdrawal {f}: withdrawal

heal: heal

healing: healing

A 32
German − English I: A − L

remedial: remedying, remedial

remedial: remedially

rush off: rush about

Remedy {f}: remedy

Remedies {pl}: correctives

pick up: call for

collecting: fetching

eavesdropping: intercept, listen in to


listening: listening in to

to get lost: stray

straying: straying

Abirrung {f}: aberrance

Stripping {f}: skinning

Stripper {f}: stripper

Abitur {n}: school leaving examination

chase: recover from

chasing: recovering from

buy from: buy from

buying: buying from

Abkehr {f}: turning away

A 33
German − English I: A − L

turn away: turn away

clarify: clarify

clarifying: clarifying

Clarification {f}: clarification

disconnect: pinch off

pinching off

fade away: fade away

subsiding: fading away

knock off: knock off

nibble off: nibble off

nibbling off: nibbling off

bang off: bump off

banging off: zapping, bumping off

bend off: deviate, snap off

snapping off

delegating: assigning

Agreement: descendant

Agreement: agreement, deal, descendants

agreement: to deviate

Agreement {n}: agreement


A 34
German − English I: A − L

crawl off: unscramble

scrambling: unscrambling

scrape off: scrape off

scraping off: scraping off

getting down: getting

cool down: cool off

cooling: cooling off

Kühlung {f}: cooling

abbreviate: abbreviate, shorten, to cut short, abbreviate

abbreviated: abbreviatory, shortening

Abbreviation {m}: abbreviator

Abbreviation {f}: abbreviation, shortcut

Abbreviations {pl}: shortcuts, abbreviations

Abbreviation i {f}: acronym

kissing: smother with kisses

kissing off: smothering with kisses

unload: to unload, unload

Unloading point {m}: unloading point

Unloading points {pl}: unloading points

Unloader {m}: unloader

Unloaders {pl}: unloaders

A 35
German − English I: A − L

Filing: stacking

Storage (files): files

Ablage {f}: deposit, tray, deposition, clipboard, filing

Storage compartment {n}: pocket

Filing box {m}: tray

Storage magazine {n}: stacker

Ablagen {pl}: depositions

deposit: deposit

depositing: depositing

Deposit {f}: deposit, sediment

Deposits {pl}: sediments

Filing system {m}: filing system

Deposit tables

drain: surcease, drain, desist

draining: desisting, letting off, surceasing

Drain cock

Drain: drain

Expiry [temporal] {m}: cycle

Sequence {m}: sequence, flowing off

Process instruction {f}: run chart

Flow chart: flow chart

A 36
German − English I: A − L

Flowchart {n}: flowchart

Drains {pl}: drains

expire: rundown, pass, execute

expire (time): elapse

expiring: expiring

executable: loadable

Process element {n}: step logic element

process invariant: reentrant

Sequence {f}: sequence cascade

Process computer {f}: object computer

Drain pipe {n}: drain pipe

Sequence control unit {n}: sequence processor

Process step: step

Process control {f}: sequential control, sequential control

Tracer: tracer

Tracing {f}: backtrace, tracing

Expiration time: elapse time

Ablaut {m}: vowel gradation

Ablaute {pl}: vowel gradations

lick off: lick off

licking off

A 37
German − English I: A − L

discard: discard

Discarding: discarding, depositing

Offshoot: scion

Offshoot: scions

refuse: to turn down, repudiate, spurn, to refuse

negative: disclaiming, depreciating, deprecatory, negative

rejecting: renunciatory

Denial: refusals, refusal, disaffirmation

Denials {pl}: disaffirmations

Rejection note {m}: disclaimer

perform: fulfill

performing: fulfilling

derivable: inferable, derivable

derive: derive, divert, derivate, derive, dissipate

derive (voltage): bleed off

derive from: derive from

Deriving: derivating, revulsive, deducing, deriving

derivative: revulsively

Ableiter {m}: deflector

Ableitkondensator {m}: bypass capacitor

Derivation: derive

A 38
German − English I: A − L

Derivation {f}: derivation, deduction, derivative, revulsion

Derived {pl}: derivatives, derivations

Ableitungskanal {m}: drainage

deflectable: deflectable

distract: deviate, distract, to deviate, refract

deflect (light): diffract

distracting: distractive, diverting, distracting, deflecting


Deflection: deflection

Distraction {f}: distraction, distaction, deflection

Deflections {pl}: distractions, deflections

read: read off

reading: reading off

Ablesung {f}: reading

deny: abnegate, disavow

denying: disavowing, abnegating

Copies: photographs

deliver: to deliver

Deliveries: deliveries

get away: be far off

distant: being far off

A 39
German − English I: A − L

detachable: detachable

extinguishing: extinguishing

replace: unsolder

detaching: detaching, unsoldering

unsolder: desolder, unsolder

Abluft {f}: extracted air

agree: settle, untack

Agreement {f}: arrangement, settlement

lose weight: lose weight

slimming: losing weight, peaking


mow down: scythe

mowing: scything

Warning {f}: dissuasiveness

Abmarsch {m}: decampment

march off: decamp, march − off

marching off: marching − off, decamping

marched off: marched − off

marched off: decamped

unsubscribe: to give notice of depature

unsubscribing: to giving notice of depature

A 40
German − English I: A − L

Log off: log off

Deregistration {f}: notice of departure

measure: to measure off

Dimension {f}: dimension

mitigating: moderating

dismantle: unrig

struggle with

struggling: struggling with

decommissioning: paying off

nibble: gnaw off, gnaw

gnawing: gnawing

gnawing off: gnawing off

Acceptance, certification

Acceptance conditions {pl}: acceptance terms, acceptability standards

Acceptance region {m}: acceptance region

Abnahmebescheinigung {f}: acceptance certificate

Acceptance configuration {f}: acceptance configuration

Acceptance control {f}: acceptance sampling, acceptance inspection

Acceptance line {f}: acceptance line

Acceptance protocol {n}: test certificate, acceptance certificate

Acceptance test: specification test, proof test, acceptance test

A 41
German − English I: A − L

Acceptance receipt {f}: acceptor handshake

Acceptance test {m}: acceptance trial

Acceptance regulation {f}: acceptance test procedure

Acceptance regulations {pl}: acceptance standards

Abnahmezahl {f}: acceptance number

removable: removable, removable, diminishable, detachable

removable: removable

lose weight: wane, to take off, to lose weight, take down

decreasing: waning, slimming, decreasingly, diminuendo

Customer: acceptor

Customer: accepter, taker, account debtor

Aversion {f}: repugnance, aversion, disinclination, aversion

Dislikes {pl}: aversenesses, disinclinations, aversions

abnormal: bastardly, abnormally

abnormal: abnormal



wring: wring from

desiring: wringing from

wear out: outwear, to wear away, to wear out, wear

wear out (by friction): fret

A 42
German − English I: A − L

wearing out: outwearing

wearing out: wearing out, wearing

Wear: scuff

Wear and tear: wear

Wear and tear: fading, wastage, wearout

Wear and tear: abrasion

Subscription {n}: subscription

Subscriptions {pl}: subscriptions

Subscription performance

Subscription performances

Subscribers: subscribers

subscribe: to subscribe, subscribe

subscribing: subscribing

subscribed: subscribed

delegating: delegating

Abordnung {f}: delegation, delegacy

Delegations {pl}: delegations

Abortions {pl}: toilets

matching: adjusting

pick: pick

picking: picking

A 43
German − English I: A − L

to plague: work onself to death

annoying: working onself to death

Rebound {noun}: rebound

bounce: ricochet, recoil

rebounding: recoiling, ricocheting, rebounding, rebounding

show off: unlimited

disgusting: unlimbering

cleaning up: clean

cleaning: cleaning

tormenting: worrying

quenching: squeezing

hard work: fag, drudge

struggling: drudging, fagging

advise against: dissuade from, dissuade


advising against: dissuading from, dissuading

discouraging: dissuasively

clearing up: clearing


abreacted: abreacted

billing: deduct

A 44
German − English I: A − L

accounting: deducting

Billing {f}: deduction, statement, payoff, accounting

Accounting computer

Accounting file {f}: accounting file

Accounting machine: accounting machine

Accounting period {f}: account period, accounting period

Accounting log file {f}: accounting log file

Accounting routine

Accounting period

Abrede {f}: understanding

rub off: rub off, abrade

Abreib {n}: abrasiveness

Abrasive: abrasively, rubbing off, abrading, toweling

Abreib {f}: abrasion, attrition, rubdown

departure: departure

departure: depart, to depart

Abreisen {n}: depart

departing: departing, departing

tear off: tear off, to tear off, snap out

tearing off: tearing off

Tear-off sheet: stub

A 45
German − English I: A − L

dressing: drill

Abrasion {noun}: attrition

locking off: bolting

Abriß {m}: talon, stub

Abrisskante {f}: tear − off edge

Abrisskarte {f}: scored card

unroll: unroll

unrolling: unrolling

unrolling: unrolling

move away: move away

moving away: moving away

retrieval: demand

Call {m}: fetch

get: fetch, fetch

Call key: attention key

round off: to round off, roundoff

Rounding {f}: rounding

more abrupt: more abrupt

most abrupt: most abrupt

disarm: disarm

disarming: disarming

A 46
German − English I: A − L

Disarmament {f}: disarmament

Disarmament conference

slip off: slip off

slipping off

sag: sink

sinking: sinking

Rejection {f}: cancellation

cancel: to call off, renege

saw off: saw off

refusing: reneging

sawing off

cream off: to get on the gravy train, skim


unsaddle: unsaddle

unsaddling: unsaddling

Paragraph {m}: heel, paragraph, heel

Paragraphs {pl}: heels

salable: marketable

Sales promotion

Sales area: marker

Sales area: trading area

A 47
German − English I: A − L

Sales areas {pl}: markets

Sales crisis

Sales crises

Sales situation

Paragraph magnet {n}: anchor tenant

Sales opportunity {f}: sales potential

Sales stagnation {f}: stagnation of the market

Marketing {n}: marketing

suction: exhaust, suck off

suction: sucking off, vacuuming

Abolishable: abolishable

abolish: disestablish, abolish, suppress, abolish

abolishing: abolishing, disestablishing

Abolition {f}: abolishment, abolition

Abolitions {pl}: abolitionisms

Automatic switchoff: automatic switchoff

switch off: deactivate, turn off, log − off, to switch off

switching off: switching off

Shutdown {f}: cutout, cutoff, passivation, deactivation

Switch-off delay {f}: turn − off delay

Disconnection time {f}: disconnecting time

A 48
German − English I: A − L

assessable: asessable, assessable

to estimate: to estimate, assess, estimate


derogatory: disparaging

Assessment: assessment

Estimation {f}: estimation, appraisal, estimation

Scraps: dregs, scum

skimming: scum

skimming: scumming

Disgust {f}: horror, detestation, abomination, abhorrence

hideous: horrible, outrageously, detestable, heinous

hideous ones: abominable, hideously, detestably

more hideous: more horrible

Abomination: heinousness, hellishness, hideousness

Abominations {pl}: hideousnesses

most horrible: most horrible

abhorrent: shying

send: send

sending: mailing

sending: mailing

deport: deport, push off

A 49
German − English I: A − L

deporting: deporting, pushing off

Farewell {m}: parting, valediction

Say goodbye: to take leave

Abschiede {pl}: valedictions

Farewell letter {m}: farewell letter

Farewell party {f}: farewell party

Farewell parties

Farewell petition: resignation

Farewell kiss: parting kiss

Farewell speech: valedictory, farewell speech

Farewell speeches, valedictories

Farewell speaker: valedictorian

Farewell Speaker {pl}: valedictorians

Farewell Pain: wrench

shoot down: launch

shooting down: killers

shield: shield

Shielding: shield

Shielding {f}: screening

slaughter: slaughter


A 50
German − English I: A − L

Abschlag {m}: discount, anticipated payment

refuse: to refuse

teeing off: teeing, knocking off

Down payment {f}: installment

sanding: abrade, polish

abrasive: polishing

Towing service {m}: wrecking service