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Sapphire Action System IV

- Introduction:
An ABS, plus a Pixel Movement and a Particle Engine. The result? SAS IV.

- Features:
Full pixel movement
Khas Particle Engine powered
Realistic collisions
Awesome gameplay
High customization
Weapon icon
Easy to use
Lay free
Damage PopUp
Optimized HUD
And more ...

- Add-ons:
Optimized HUD with HP, MP, EXP and Skill
Damage PopUp script
Heal player when level up

- Instructions:
All the instructions are on the SAS IV demo.
Please read them carefully.


- Screenshots:

- Left:
Terms of Use: English - Read before use
Download: English - Latest version
Blog: Click Here!


I no longer offer support for this script (why?).

- Credits:
Created by Khas Arcthunder.
A special thanks to OmTsTM for testing SAS and recording the video.