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Slang Words: List of 100 Common Slang Words & Phrases You Need to Know!

Slang words! Slang words are defined as the words and phrases used informally in any language. Following is a list of 100 English slang words that are commonly used today. Most of them are American slang words and phrases.

Slang words

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List of 100 English slang words and phrases with their meanings and examples:

  • Eye popping - fantastic, astonishing

The New York Times had aneye-popping article this morning.

  • Chicken - a coward

You're a chicken, Tom!

He tried toconme out of $ 20.

  • Couch potato - people who watching T.V all day

You are such acouch potato on weekends.

We had a ball at the party last night.

  • Bazillion - uncountable number / a very big number

We gets a bazillion followers everyday on Facebook fan page.

She married a millionaire just about tocroak.

Your house is always like thatneat- how do you manage it with three children?

She’s beautiful. In thenutsabout her.

  • Big guns - powerful, influenced people

Jed wanted to impress a Harvard professor and some otherbig guns.

  • Dynamite - great, awesome

That teenager singer is reallydynamite!

  • Earful - scolding / reprimanding

I bet Sue gave youearfulwhen you got home.

  • Bitch - complain / gossip about something

Whenever the girls get together, they always find something to bitch about.

  • Bonkers - mad / insane

The man must bebonkersto take such a risk.

  • Break - chance / opportunity

Never give a sucker an evenbreak.

  • Bummed - sad or disappointed

I was reallybummedout that there were no tickets left.

  • Cheesy - cheap, outdated

We went to somecheesybar in Baltimore.

  • Cruising - going at a high speed
We fly at acruisingspeed of 500 mph.
  • Cushy - comfortably easy

It's acushylife for the rich.

  • deck - hit some on the face

Do that again and I'lldeckyou.

  • Deep pockets - having a lot of money

They're looking for someone withdeep pockets to pay for the research.

  • Dinosaur - something or someone is very old

The Health Service has become adinosaur. It needs radical reform if it is to survive.

  • Airhead - a foolish / dumb person

Boy, that salesman was the biggestairheadI've ever seen.

  • Eyeball - look at, look over.

Challenge him,eyeballhim, intimidate him.

  • Fender bender - a minor accident / collision between two vehicles

Another time I missed a date because I got into afender-bender on the way there.

  • Idiot box - the television

Phil has been staring at theidiot box all afternoon.

  • Icky - unpleasant or annoying

What is thisickyold stuff?

How are we going to get ourselves out of thisjam?

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  • Hang out -spend time together in a place frequently

We often used to hang out in supermarkets.

  • All-nighter - study all night

I pulled onall-nighter last night.

  • Ditch - leave, abandon something

Let'sditchschool today.

  • Flicks - films / movies

What's on at theflicksthis week?

  • Freebie - something that is free

All the journalists were given afreebielunch.

I had got totally pissed and had to do agigthat night.

  • Guts - courage or boldness

Barbara hasn't got the goodto leave her mother.

  • Go bananas - go crazy

Love is making yougo bananas!

  • Goof off - Wasting time, not doing anything in particular

He’s been goofing off at school.

  • Grand - thousand dollars

He lives in agrandhouse.

The smell of the fish made me / my stomachheave.

You look so hot in that dress!

  • Hustle - leave hurriedly

I love thehustleand bustle of the marketplace.

  • Glitch - defect or problem

This minorglitchhas turned into a big problem for the airline.

  • Jock - someone who plays a sport

She is ajockfrom a family of jocks, articulate only in that special, odd way that coaches are articulate.

I need to meet John, right now!

  • junkie - a drug addict

His son was ajunkie, the kid OD’d a year ago.

Get yourself somedugand come and sit down.

  • Loli - young female with a childlike appearance

This might sound weird, but I am a lolilover!

  • peanuts - very little money

He gets paidpeanutsfor doing that job.

  • Rocking - great, awesome

He had a rocking performance!

  • Shades - sunglasses

She was dressed in mutedshadesof blue.

  • Sucks - awful or unacceptable

Lifesucks, but worth fighting for.

  • Meltdown - the completely breaking down

The stock market crash might lead to financialmeltdown.

  • Mickey mouse - something that does not make sense

It's only aMickey Mouse job.

  • Oddball - weird, unusual person

The new boss is a bit of anoddball.

  • Pissed off - extremely annoyed
In thepissed offwith the way they’ve treated me.
  • zero - to an unimportant person

He is a zero in his family.

I applied some pimple cream on the bigquotedon my face.

  • Crap - worthless thing or a lie

You're talking a load ofcrap!

I just want tocrashout on the sofa.

  • Crash - break into / attempt to get in somewhere

Last night, a thief crashed my house. Luckily, He was arrested by the polices.

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  • Quarterback - lead or initiative

The Carolina Panthers were playing with a backupquarterback.

He’s got a new beemer, what a rich man!

  • Quick buck - Easy getting money

I need to make aquick buck without much effort.

  • K - A thousand of a currency

It costs 10k.

Kick back, make yourself at home.

  • Raw - new and inexperienced

Rawmeat must be kept separate from cooked meat.

The pupils arerazzingthe teacher.

  • Umpteen - incalculable

We’ve been thereumpteentimes and she still can't remember the way.

  • Whiz - Be talented at something

Apparently, he is awhizat thank - you notes!

  • Wimp - a cowardly person

Don’t visit awimp.

  • Up - Feeling cheerful or in good spirits

She feels up and down all day.

  • UwU - a reaction to something cute

Bf: I love you bae Gf: Aww Ily UwU

  • Vibes - atmosphere or feelings

I have goodvibesabout this contract.

I've got a new wheels on my birthday.

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