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The highest point is the "Köppel" at 336 m. Dornholzhausen is also very popular as a starting point for hikes through the wild and romantic Mühlbachtal to Nassau.

Dornholzhausen can be easily reached via the K 12 district road. In addition to two event rooms for 80 or 300 people, a barbecue hut is available for parties. There is also a sports field and a children's playground.

The cities of Nassau (8 km away) and Nastätten (11 km away) have a very good infrastructure. Here you will find doctors from various disciplines, a hospital, several supermarkets and retail stores, petrol stations, car repair shops, secondary school and secondary school with dual upper level and an outdoor swimming pool. The Wiesbaden and Mainz regional centers are just as easy to reach from Dornholzhausen as Koblenz.

The place was mentioned for the first time in 1260 under the name "Durrenholzhusen". The parish church, which was heavily modified in the Baroque era, contains late romantic components. On the dominant church forecourt, a Luther sculpture, created from the Luther oak that once stood there, characterizes the townscape those from Schönbeck to those from Stein zu Nassau.

Despite the long history, the place has remained young and active. These activities can be found in the voluntary fire brigade, the mixed choir, the gymnastics group, the football club "SV Hollesse 04", the children and youth group "We are Hollesse" and the senior group "Kellerhocker".

Martin Luther carved in oak!

On the forecourt of the church in Dornholzhausen, an oak was planted in 1883 on the 400th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther, the Protestant church reformer. The oak, which, so to speak, shaped the townscape with its magnificent crown in the 20th century, had to be felled in 2004 for reasons of disease (fungal attack in the root area). The formerly magnificent crown was almost completely dead by this time.

On the part of the church and local community, however, they considered how one could maintain the further connection to the memorial oak and to Martin Luther. The idea of ​​creating a sculpture out of the trunk that shows the life stages of Martin Luther quickly met with approval from the decision-makers. In Arne Wilhelm from Bettendorf they found a carving artist who had already created a large number of such sculptures with his chainsaw in advance of this work. After three months of work by Arne Wilhelm, the Luther sculpture was presented to the public at the harvest festival on October 2nd, 2005. The handover took place as part of a memorial service, with a large participation of the population of the parish.

The Luther sculpture today shows the various stages in the life of Martin Luther and, in addition to the church built in 1260, is an eye-catcher at the entrance to the Dornholzhausen community.

Dornholzhausen municipality creates building sites for the small budget

After the Dornholzhausen community had sold its last building lots in the previous year, the community opened up another building area "Vor Sterg". The development plan is now legally binding and the development is in full swing. The fact that the first building applications are currently being implemented is gratifying. The zoning of the planning area was carried out as part of a voluntary reallocation. This made it possible to save considerable costs, which now have a positive effect on the price of the property. Furthermore, considerable costs can be saved in the development, since the total of 8 building sites can be connected to existing development facilities by a spur road.

The exposed location of the building plots with far-reaching views in Taunus and Westerwald, the favorable property and development costs and the fact that the current K12 expansion means that the local community in the middle of the Nassau nature park is very well connected to the central and regional centers of the region are all right Local mayor Mangold is positive that the land will be sold to young families in the near future.