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“More boutique than wholesale” - Interview with our location manager André Tasca at the start of AUSY Switzerland

The Covid 19 crisis occurred shortly after AUSY Switzerland AG started business. What impact did this have on the IT industry? We asked our site manager André Tasca about this and other topics. Read the interview here:

AUSY Switzerland was newly founded this year. How did the start go - and how has the market accepted the offer so far?

The corona crisis from March also meant a major turning point for us. Many companies have abruptly postponed or even stopped their digitization projects. However, it is very positive for us that, despite these difficult starting conditions, we have managed to expand our customer base and shine with new references. We will have to wait and see how the financial year will develop - but in view of the results achieved so far, I am very confident that we will achieve our business goals.

Which industries, services and technologies do the consultants based in Switzerland specialize in?

We offer our customers a very broad portfolio of consulting services for their digital products and services. It is important to us to always think our service from the end - i.e. with regard to effective solutions for the specific requirements of our customers. We are particularly interested in complex and individual digitization issues for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions. Our consultants therefore support projects from the early stages and have a clear focus on user-centered design and experience.

With Tapani Tanskanen we have now also gained a specialist in Identity and Access Management (IAM) in Switzerland. We can now make his experience from the financial sector available to companies in other industries. The financial institutions show an above-average degree of maturity, especially with regard to access management. This makes them a good benchmark, both for corporations and for medium-sized companies. IAM is particularly exciting and important for all companies dealing with the transition to cloud computing or already operating cloud infrastructures. For the former, we also offer support and advice on their way from the classic infrastructure to the cloud.

Another professional focus at AUSY Switzerland is talent management. After all, increasing digitization is also becoming apparent in human resources. With the right software solutions, HR departments can simplify all aspects of their work and make them more efficient - from recruiting to further training and development to the administration of occupational pension schemes.

The AUSY Group has a very strong international position. What advantages and synergies does this bring for Swiss customers?

You could say that the AUSY Group unites start-ups, medium-sized companies and large corporations under one roof. In Switzerland we have newly founded and are on the market with a motivated, innovative team. AUSY Technologies plays in Germany with a turnover of currently 109 million euros in the upper medium-sized sector. And internationally we are represented by our affiliation with Randstad Holding. In good Swiss fashion, it is our aim to combine the advantages of all three worlds.

Particularly in the field of private transport - for example automotive supply and sales as well as transport - we bring international expertise to Switzerland on a large scale. In Germany, AUSY Technologies maintains strong and long-term relationships with customers such as Daimler, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn, Airbus and Amadeus. In Switzerland, too, our customers benefit from the knowledge and experience gained from these high-quality reference projects.

AUSY Switzerland is currently advertising several positions for consultants. In your opinion, what makes the company attractive to applicants?

We are of course committed to the AUSY slogans “The interaction of people and technology is what sets us apart” and “IT starts with people” here in Switzerland. We always strive to challenge and encourage our employees. Our consultants deal with exciting and technologically innovative projects. If you want to shape the digital future with technological know-how and creativity, you've come to the right place.

One more question at the end: Where do you see the IT service provider industry in general and AUSY Switzerland in particular in five years' time?

The events in spring this year have greatly increased the general readiness for digitization. In the meantime, this trend has weakened somewhat, but on the other hand, the return to normal is far from in full swing. The information society and its complexity will undoubtedly continue to develop significantly in Switzerland. This opens up great growth opportunities for the IT consulting industry.

At AUSY Switzerland, however, our focus is not only on size and market shares, but above all on technologically complex and individual projects. First and foremost, we want to anchor ourselves in the Swiss market with outstanding and innovative advice. To do this, we will bring more highly qualified colleagues on board who work with heart and mind for our customers.

Thank you for the interview!

André Tasca has been Managing Director of AUSY Switzerland since January 2020 and is responsible for setting up business at the Zurich location.

Do you have any questions about AUSY Switzerland? Please contact us at [email protected] or +41 (0) 58 330 04 00. Current vacancies can be found on our Careers page.