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I ate ice cream when it wasn't cool.
"We're going to eat grandpa now!" Punctuation marks save lives, by the way!
I hate it when women have such beautiful eyes that I can't stare at their breasts ...
Are your parents stealing? Look so worn out!
I am not fat !!! My beauty just needs space.
As every year, the police urgently warn against relighting Easter nests that have been left behind, so-called "duds"!
If life is a test, I'm the one who writes 10 sheets completely past the topic.
Hmm .. Vacuum the apartment or fold bugs into a carpet ?!
"When I'm dead, I don't want to be burned, I want to be gratinated."
I read tomorrow it should be 16 °. The mulled wine almost fell out of my hand with joy.
Dance and shoot people in the process. Or as I call it: Lambada Meinhof complex.
The human brain looks like a walnut. Many even have the same features.
Be quiet when I interrupt you!
I learned everything I never wanted to know on the Internet.
My Elan reception is so bad today.