How did Callan Bright die

The mysterious disease of the Callas

The soprano diva, who died in 1976, suffered, according to new findings from doctors at the University of Bologna, from the rare autoimmune disease dermatomyositis, which led to her death from heart failure. This means that the suicide theory can be rejected, they believe.

Bologna On the life and death of Maria Anna Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulou - as Maria Callas was really called - there are new messages. They come from a reputable source and are finally not building another castle in the air besides the palaces out of speculations about the Callas. Or is it? Criminalistic thrill has the matter without a doubt.

Franco Fussi and Nico Paolillo, Phoniatrists at the University of Bologna, believe that the soprano, who lived from 1923 to 1976, was the victim of a degenerative disease that affected the vocal cords. The scientists believe that Callas suffered from dermatomyositis (also known as Lila’s disease), a rare muscle disease that affects the skin. The symptoms, it is said, have been treated with drugs that can cause heart problems. It is known that the singer died of heart failure. The Italian newspaper "La Stampa" concluded that the rumor of Callas suicide was now off the table; an autopsy was not performed at the time. The suicide theory had often been debated because the Callas allegedly never got over the separation from Aristotle Onassis.