How to upgrade your digital electricity meter

How do I read my electricity meter correctly?

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If you change electricity provider, as well as once a year for electricity billing, you must give your network operator your correct Electricity meter reading to transfer. You can find it on your Electricity meter. In this article we have summarized for you what exactly an electricity meter is, where it is usually located and how you can read it correctly.

What is an electricity meter and how does it work?

The electricity meter is a measuring device that measures the electricity consumption of your household in kilowatt hours. Your energy provider will then use your electricity consumption to calculate your energy costs. Next to the Meter reading, i.e. your current consumption, you will also find yours on it Meter number as well as your responsible network operator. There are basically three types of electricity meters, which can be distinguished as follows.

  • Various electricity meter models
  • : The classic one-tariff meter is still the most common in Austria. On a black turntable you will find your current electricity consumption, which is updated immediately and continuously as soon as you use electricity. The tariff, so the Price per KWh, remains the same regardless of whether it is night or day, hence the name Single tariff meter.
  • : You will find two on this model Turntables or counters in front. One measures that Consumption in high tariff periods (HT) and the other in Off-peak times (NT). If you have a Double tariff have is that kWh price at night, i.e. in the off-peak times, significantly cheaper than during the day. The respective consumption is therefore calculated separately so that your invoice can ultimately be created correctly.
  • : The digital or intelligent electricity meters, also Smart meter called, measures your power consumption at intervals (every quarter of an hour or daily) and transmits the results directly via internet or telephone cable to your network operator. The advantage here is that you have a better overview of your electricity consumption. On the one hand, because the daily transmission gives you an insight into your regular consumption and, on the other hand, because a sudden and unexpectedly high consumption is signaled by a visible increase in the curve on the device. So you can unnecessary power guzzlers locate.

Where can I find my electricity meter

Typical places where an electricity meter is installed are in the basement, cellar or in Hall Of your house or apartment. It is usually located in the immediate vicinity of the Fuse box. In rental houses it is not uncommon to find the electricity meters of all parties in a house lined up next to each other. You can use your Meter number find out. You can find these in your annual invoice.

If you still have difficulties locating your electricity meter, it is best to ask your landlord or property manager.

How do I read my electricity meter correctly?

Two tariff meter with integrated ripple control receiver

The information on the electricity meter that is important to you is the Counter number and the Meter reading. You need the former so that your energy provider or network operator can allocate it precisely. It is, so to speak, your personal identification number, the house number of your consumption point. It is also required, for example, if you want to find out your meter point designation. The meter number can be found in the lower area of ​​the electricity meter. After the abbreviation "No." This is usually followed by a 6- to 8-digit series of digits.

The Meter reading gives your Energy consumption in kilowatt hours and is located at the top of your electricity meter. The white numbers on a black turntable or a black counter show your current consumption and are continuously updated. However, you do not have to enter the number after the comma, usually framed in red. At a Double tariff meter you will find two meter readings. The HT meter reading is usually at the top, the NT meter reading is directly below. In this case you have to enter both meter readings.

Should you already have one Smart meter installed, you can view and control your electricity consumption using a mobile phone app or your internet browser.

A Double or dual tariff meter shows two counter readings, but also has only one meter number!

What do I have to consider when transmitting my meter reading?

Check your meter reading Even if a technician from your network operator reads your annual electricity consumption, you should also make a note of the meter reading. On the one hand as a control, on the other hand for your personal documents so that you always have an overview of your energy consumption.

A smart meter automatically transmits your electricity consumption.

You have to send your meter reading to your network operator once a year. Forwarded to your energy provider, your annual consumption is calculated and your monthly payments are determined accordingly. Specifically, this means: Your electricity provider takes your consumption from the previous year and calculates yours based on this monthly payments. Finally, at the end of the year, your network operator transmits the actual consumption of your household to your electricity provider. Depending on whether your consumption was higher or lower, you will become one additional payment prompted or received a Credit for the unused kilowatt hours (kWh) for the next contract year. Your advance payments can also be adjusted aliquot.

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Hence it is important that your Meter reading transmitted correctly becomes. With some network operators you can choose whether you want to read and transmit the meter reading yourself or whether you want to send a Technician of the respective network company should do this for you. If you want to do this yourself, a Reading card sent by post or e-mail, in which you have to enter your meter reading, the reading date and, in some cases, your meter number (if it has not already been specified). With various Online tariffs you will be asked to keep your meter reading over Online customer portal to announce. In any case, it is important that you keep the deadline sent or that you definitely adhere to the deadline in which you have to send the meter reading. Please also note that ONLY the digits BEFORE the comma are relevant for your meter reading and the last number, which is usually outlined in red, does not have to be specified.

However, if you already have a Smart meter installed, your power consumption is automatically transmitted to your network operator at regular intervals.