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Rock it! The perfect styling partner: there is a suitable boot for every skirt

In order not to stow our summer skirts in the closet at the first cool wind, we can easily make them winterproof with a couple of trendy boots. You can find the most beautiful pairings here.

1. Mini skirt - these boots put the sexy skirt in the limelight

Mini skirt - overknees

Short skirts clearly focus on the legs. In order to highlight the fashionable potential in perfection, choose boots that underline this: Overknees! They reach above the knee and guarantee endless long legs. Overknees are currently available in every imaginable variant: flat, as a stiletto, with a block heel and made of smooth or suede. A wide blouse that is casually tucked into the skirt, an elegant sweater made of cashmere or a long wool coat make your outfit seductive.

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Mini skirt - tough lace-up boots

Rock it! Rough lace-up boots in black, dark brown or gray made of leather - also with rivets - skilfully represent the desired break in style with the short skirt length. Tights matching the accessories or scarf complete the outfit and at the same time allow a clear view of the leg. Rounded off with a short down jacket you are fit for autumn and rock the street style.

2. Midi skirt - the ideal boots for a midi skirt

Midi skirt - Chelsea boots

The midi skirt is right in the middle. And that literally. It is located exactly between long and short: just below the knee to the calf. The combination with fine Chelsea boots in subtle brown and gray tones shows enough leg and subtly plays around the foot without distracting. A short jacket and a white blouse complete the outfit.

Cool Britian look: midi skirt in a trendy checked pattern with Chelsea boots!

Midi skirt - high boots

This skirt length gives a lot of leeway for different styles. That's why you can also combine the midi skirt with knee-high boots. Ideally, the edge of the skirt ends with the shaft of the boots or it lies a little below. It is best to use boots with heels, otherwise it can quickly look compressed. A coarse knitted sweater and eye-catching boots are the perfect styling partners.

Do you want to hide a small belly? Our fashion expert shows you how to do it in the video below!

3. Maxi skirt - boots for maximum WOW effect

Maxi skirt - cowboy boots

Contrary to the mini and midi versions, the maxi skirt convinces with its maximum skirt length: starting from the ankle and reaching almost to the floor. So that the outfit does not look too casual, we recommend a style made of flowing and wide fabrics such as shirts or shirts, which are casually tucked into the waistband to emphasize the waist. As a further contrast point, the skirt, which loosely plays around the legs, can be complemented with comfortable cowboy boots.

Maxi skirt - overknees

If the maxi skirt has an elegant leg slit, overknees are a real eye-catcher! The contradiction at first glance - the flowing long fabric and the high boot - turn into an extraordinary symbiosis at second glance. Both elements harmonize extremely well with each other and warm the heart and legs in cold temperatures.