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Zodiac sign aries

Posted on February 6, 2016 by Kimberly

you are impulsive, strong-willed and love the challenge: People born under the zodiac sign Aries sometimes literally walk their heads through the wall. Even if it affects their environment impetuous like to work, she makes hers Straightness and you Zeal but also very much adorable. Here you can find out which character traits Aries-born people typically have and what they should look out for in their work and in love.

The zodiac sign Aries opens the spring

The zodiac sign Aries is that first within the zodiac, it starts on March 21st and ends April 20th. His ruling planet is that Mars, its defining element is fire. The color of Aries becomes accordingly red assigned to his personal Lucky charm are the Gemstones jasper, ruby and amethyst. From a seasonal perspective, Aries helps spring to break through, and this task ultimately determines its whole being. Aries can great strength and energy develop when it comes to clearing obstacles out of the way - and mostly he fights for the "good thing„.

The typical characteristics of Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is of a pronounced one Pioneering spirit penetrated. Spring stands for Departure and New beginningAnd so does the Aries with ardor for unknown challenges. His ruling planet Mars, who is also considered the god of war in mythology, gives him strength and assertiveness. Aries really feel at home when they can dash forward with all their might and put their energy into the service of one meaningful task represents. If he lacks such a field of activity or if he is slowed down again and again in his thirst for action, then his inner fire can also turn into negative and show itself in choleric outbursts.

A straightforward, loyal friend

Aries: a friend with great loyalty

The environment is always impressed by the courage and zeal with which Aries-born people are in the cause and how they do not allow themselves to be slowed down by occasional defeats. However, this behavior can also seem a little intimidating to people with completely opposing character traits. Aries-natives also tend to always to pronounce straightforwardlywhat you think. In doing so, they are not very diplomatic and can easily get offended. But they do not mean that in any way and are quickly ready for reconciliation after a little tussle or a power struggle. Because of their blunt manner, people of the zodiac sign are usually Aries loyal and reliable friendsfrom which one can expect an honest judgment at any time. If you have someone in your heart, then do not hesitate to bring this person with you great loyalty to stand by your side.

Professionally on the road to success

Aries woman: often in management positions above average.

In their job, Aries-born climb through theirs courage and your Creative power very much like the Career ladder and are therefore often found in leading position. You feel good wherever it is Challenges, Risks and pace goes. Restructuring a company, rebuilding a department, making important contacts - no problem for the Aries. Even professions like Emergency doctor, surgeon or police officer are made for him.

However, his impulsiveness can sometimes be a disadvantage. Everywhere where very precise and precise work is required or uniform activities determine everyday working life, the Aries-born person is bored, and he does not like it when others determine him. As an accountant or in the secretariat, he will therefore not be happy. The greatest and most important professional challenge for many Aries-born is to meet you Curb temper and the Learn the art of diplomacy.

The Aries woman

The Aries woman is always hungry for adventure.

The male gender is actually assigned to the zodiac sign Aries. However, this does not mean that women born under this sign of the zodiac do not show any “typical” Aries characteristics, on the contrary! The Aries woman is a true one Amazon. Usually she has great confidence and no problems with it, one tooLeadership role to take over - you have to come to terms with that first!

Cozy DVD evenings on the couch are not her thing, she is greedy Adventures and for ever new challenges, in which she can prove her courage and willingness to take risks. At the Extreme sports and at exciting journeys She feels comfortable in distant countries and she expects her partner to be able to keep up with her. She is also not afraid of competition, which is why Aries women are found in management positions above average.

The Aries man

The typical Aries man is hot-blooded, confident and impulsive, in addition, it can also be called true romantic turn out. Restraint is far away, and it often takes the hearts of women by storm. If he gets bored, he moves on, but as soon as a woman really fascinates him, he is one loyal and reliable loverat whose side you have many exciting hours can experience.

Fire and flame in love

A partnership with an Aries-Born: never boring

The element fire is assigned to the zodiac sign Aries, and this is exactly what determines the love life of those born in Aries: When they fall in love - and you fall in love quickly - then are their feelings intensive and leave no one indifferent. The advances of an Aries native can be great directly be, eroticism and Seduction art are among their weapons that they know how to use skillfully.

Boredom is rare in a partnership with an Aries-born Passion and Drama keep the relationship alive, but sometimes make living together exhausting. It can be a rewarding challenge for those born in Aries to play soft notes and enjoy everyday similarities.

Which sign of the zodiac Aries harmonizes with

Leo and Sagittarius understand Aries very well.

Aries generally get along best with similarly energetic zodiac signs. Are two Aries born in a relationship? With a little luck and mutual understanding, this can go well, but it can also fail dramatically - if the partners get involved in a mutual fight.

With the hot-blooded one Lions the sparks that the relationship can create also sparkle in everyday life stable and happy in the long term be. Also the Sagittarius is an ideal partner because he is almost as impulsive and open to new ideas.

On one bull-Borns, on the other hand, the freedom-loving Aries could repel their horns, and above all they will quickly run away when the Taurus' frenzied jealousy flares up. With the zodiac signs Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Gemini and Capricorn, the Aries-born could oppose it to bore, the fish is often too close to him calm, Aquarius against it too by leaps and bounds.

But what you shouldn't lose sight of in all of this is that we are human beings capable of learning, and with tolerance and empathy Even "difficult" relationship constellations can be crowned with luck.

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