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In principle, eggs remain approx. Fresh for 4 weeks. After that, you should only enjoy them with extreme caution. In no case should you post the eggs Expiry of 4 weeks Consume raw. Then use them only for Baking or roastingas long as you can make sure the eggs haven't spoiled yet.

The answer to the question “How long can eggs keep?”, On the other hand, depends on the storage conditions. Basically, eggs should stored in a cool and dry place become.

Basic information on storing and enjoying eggs

If you want to get the best flavor from chicken eggs, this is one of yours within the first 4 to 6 days Consume after laying. During this time, the eggs offer the full variety of flavors.

After that, it slowly subsides, but this does not mean that you can no longer eat the eggs.

Since the hen collects some eggs in natural brood before they are hatched, the eggs have one natural protectionthat keeps them from spoiling for the first 3 weeks. Therefore, you can use the chicken eggs without any problems Store outside the refrigerator for 3 weeks. However, be sure to keep them cool and dry.

After 3 weeks you can still enjoy the eggs without hesitation. However, we then advise you to use the Eggs no longer raw or to use in fresh ice cream.

We also recommend the eggs from now on in the fridge to be kept in order to optimize the shelf life a little.

With regard to the taste, it should also be noted that this decreases more and more over time. It is best to eat the eggs as quickly as possible.

Are commercial eggs really fresh?

You don't have your own chickens and have to buy the chickens in stores or from farmers? Even then, of course, you don't have to do without high-quality, fresh eggs and the full taste is still there. This is because the Period of time from laying eggs to selling them in stores 48 hours maximum may be.

For example, if you buy the freshly delivered eggs in a supermarket, you can still benefit from the best possible taste for at least 4 days.

How long can quail eggs keep?

Quail eggs do not come from the chicken, but from the quail. These are much smaller birds that only grow to about 20 cm. Accordingly, the quail eggs are considerably smaller.

However, since these eggs are called delicacy are very healthy and have a pretty, decorative effect on top of that, they are also popular.

Quail eggs can be prepared in the same way as chicken eggs, so that you can boil them, for example, or process them into play or scrambled eggs.

However, unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs have the advantage that you are yourself Hold for up to 90 days. You therefore have much longer time to consume.

However, applies here

The longer the eggs are stored, the more they lose their taste. This is because the egg's water content drops, making it very dry.

How do I find out if the eggs are still good?

There are various possibilitieswith which you can find out whether an egg can still be enjoyed or not.

Option 1: trust your nose

This is the most banal, but unfortunately the most difficult option for many. Ultimately, you will smell when an egg is spoiled. It then exudes an intense odor that you notice immediately when you break the egg.

And also, if it is a boiled egg, you will usually smell it when you can no longer enjoy the egg.

Option 2: do the water test

Another option is the so-called water test. Here you fill a glass with water. After that, put an egg in it. Put it on the floorso you can assume that the egg is flawless.

If it stays on the ground but straightens up, you should no longer consume it raw. It is not spoiled by then, but it is no longer suitable for raw consumption.

Drives the egg upwards, you shouldn't eat it anymore, but dispose of it immediately. It's spoiled.

Why do spoiled eggs swim upstairs?

The reason is that the longer the egg is stored, the more water it loses. The resulting space is filled with air so that the egg floats upwards.

Option 3: Take the light test

If you have a fresh egg, you will undoubtedly recognize the yolk if you hold the egg up to a light. The yolk is still very strong and clear.

I'm not sure if the egg is still fresh - what can I do?

If you have a eat spoiled egg, there is a high chance that you will attend one Food poisoning will suffer. This is associated with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, so you may need to see a doctor for treatment.

If you have any doubts about whether an egg is still good, it's better to dispose of it than run the risk of food poisoning.

Best before date for eggs

If you get the eggs from farmers or retailers instead of your own chickens, you should get one Look at the best before date throw. This indicates how long the eggs can be kept at least.

However, this does not allow the conclusion that the eggs have already spoiled by the specified date and can no longer be eaten. In this case, the packaging would say “To be consumed by ...”.

Unfortunately, the best-before date often ensures that food is disposed of even though it is could still be consumed without any problems. It is therefore best not to rely on this information blindly, but instead use the reliable water test which tells you whether you can still eat the egg or not.

How do I properly dispose of spoiled eggs?

Rotten eggs may smell a lot, but they are still foods that are in the Organic waste must be disposed of. To do this, remove it from the packaging beforehand, because it has no place in organic waste.

If you don't have an organic waste bin, which is still the case in some areas of Germany, you can either put the eggs in the Residual waste bin or on the Compost heap to dispose.