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Edward - a prince in the shadows

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Unlike his big brothers Charles and Andrew, who often attract attention through amorous affairs, the youngest offspring of the British Queen Elizabeth remains rather colorless and inconspicuous. Edward could have scored points in the history of the royal family by doing a regular job. But the attempt to successfully run a production company fails. In the end, Edward only keeps afloat with films about his own family - much to their displeasure. So he makes unauthorized recordings of his nephew William when he started studying in Scotland. Charles and William are said to have foamed with anger. His father, Prince Philip, is said to have even allowed himself to be carried away by the expression "complete idiot". As a consequence, Edward gives up filmmaking about the royal relatives.

Enjoy sports and the fine arts

After the small scandal within the family, Prince Edward devotes himself entirely to his royal duties - presenting. He is welcome when it comes to opening exhibitions, retirement homes or schools. Edward is also interested in the fine arts and sports. He is the patron of the British Paralympic Association.

Edward graduated with a bachelor's degree

The parents and Edward are proud of the University of Cambridge, where the prince is studying English literature, among other things.

On March 10, 1964, Edward made the Queen's family happiness perfect. As the fourth child, Filius, who bears the title of Earl of Wessex, grows up in the shadow of his older siblings Charles, Anne and Andrew. The baby is raised by a nanny before little Edward attends Heatherdown Elementary School in Ascot from 1972. Five years later he switched to the Gordonstoun private school in Scotland, where his father and brothers were already taught. Edward finished school in 1982. After a stay abroad in New Zealand, he began studying history at Jesus College in Cambridge in 1983, completing it with a bachelor's degree after three years.

Inglorious military career

On the road for the fatherland: 25 years after the end of the Falklands War, Prince Edward meets relatives of the fallen.

Like Prince Andrew, Edward is training with the British Navy. But unlike his big brother, who earned merits as a fighter pilot in the Falklands War, Edward is not up to the hardships - and quits the service without a proper degree. He was not a Rambo, he announced at the time. His father appeals to tradition, patriotism and family honor - in vain. A palace confidante reveals that this is the first time that one of his sons does not obey him. Mama is less bothered by that - she appoints her youngest to be the honorary colonel of several regiments. And the press and the people show understanding for Edward, attesting to his intelligence and moral courage.

Edward and Sophie targeted by the media


Surname: Edward Antony Richard Louis Mountbatten-Windsor
title: Earl of Wessex
birthday: March 10, 1964
place of birth: London
wife: Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex
children: Louise and James
star sign: Fishes
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The mildness of the press is surprising, as it is otherwise less cautious with the prince. As for his ambitions on stage, it is said that his amateur acting at the university is amateurish. Edward is much worse hit by public speculation as to how he came to be nicknamed "Buckingham Barbara" and "Babs Windsor" among theater actors. As the notoriously lurid British press began to talk about his sexual preferences, Edward publicly confessed, "I'm not gay."

On June 19, 1999, Prince Edward leads the bourgeois Sophie Rhys-Jones in front of the altar.

Only the wedding with the middle-class PR woman Sophie Rhys-Jones let the voices gradually fall silent. Unlike the brothers' weddings, Edward does not marry his Sophie in one of the great London churches, but in St. Georges Chapel in Windsor. From now on, the blonde on the prince's side will make the headlines. In 2001 the Countess of Wessex shared secrets about the royal house and British politicians. The then Prime Minister Tony Blair had to explain himself in the "Sophiegate" affair, and the Queen even ordered an investigation. In the Wessex house, the scandal causes a solid marriage crisis. When Sophie tries to eradicate her mistake, she again shows no luck in dealing with the tabloids. Then she announces that her Edward is not gay.

Royal appearances on behalf of the Queen

Two children make the late family happiness perfect: Edward and Sophie with daughter Louise and son James.

In the meantime everything is going on in a calmer way with Edward. Edward's two children enrich his life. In the last great palace of the royal family - in Bagshot Park in Surrey - Louise (born 2003) and James (born 2007) grow up with their parents. From time to time Edward and Sophie are allowed to shine at major events abroad at the Queen's request: The two are guests at the wedding of Madeleine of Sweden in 2013 and also at the wedding of Carl Philip two years later. Edward has now completely withdrawn from his - less successful - business in the theater and film world. Instead, he is committed to charitable organizations in the fields of youth, art and sport.

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