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Cider from the Forest of Odes


BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is not just a cider. BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is a joy of life and simply a bit different. There's an Apfelwein Culture 2.0 and it's wildly alive, which is shown by numerous fan campaigns: More and more cider friends are living their enthusiasm for the brand with great creativity. The Apfelwein itself is produced in the traditional Cidery Krämer.

Consiting mainly of apples from Odenwälder meadow orchards, containing no additional flavors or sweeteners - this Apfelwein is pure with high residual sweetness, gluten free by nature and vegan. This new Apfelwein generation fills the niche between beer and wine - the German answer to Cider. What the world has been waiting for. Viva la Cider Revolution!

Bembel Bash

We're visiting some Apfelwein fans and having a small party with them… since there are no festivals this year.

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Bembel zone

Learn all about BEMBEL-WITH-CARE, the brand and the cult surrounding this ‘new’ Apfelwein from Germany / Odenwald.

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