How do I charge an evod p1308 battery

Instructions for eVod CE4 Pro-Set

eVod CE4 instruction manual

Included accessories:

CE4 atomizerPower plug to USB
batteryoperation manual
USB charging cable

Note according to the battery law:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste; they must be returned
used batteries and accumulators are legally obliged. Either in public. Collection points or
to be sent back directly to the manufacturer.

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* We reserve the right to make technical changes to the product without
prior notice.

Discover the tank system!

The eGo-T is an electronic cigarette that is based on the eGo system.
The powerful 650-1100mAh battery allows the user approximately 800-1500 puffs in front
The eGo-T is the first electronic cigarette that makes it possible
to fill the liquid directly into the 0.8ml tank without adding a textile carrier in the tank
need. The depot system (with cotton wool) became a tank system. This renewal
makes filling easier and prevents frustrations in use (e.g. expiring
fendes liquid, or messes when filling).

After the eGo-T tank system, there is now the clearomizer system with twice as much volume,
faster liquid supply and an even more authentic taste and vaping experience. The trans-
parente cover ensures full tank level control and the renewed system closes leaks and
Siffen completely. Enjoy the latest generation of electronic cigarettes in
To put into operation.


The eGo-T has a 3.7Volt 650/1100 mAh battery with switchable key lock for on / off
switch to be able to transport the cigarette safely. This prevents unintentional activation of the
e-cigarette and the associated discharge or burnout of the vaporizer. Activate or
Deactivate the key lock of the eGo-T by pressing the button on the front of the battery
Press 5 times within approx. 5 seconds. until this lights up several times. Likewise, the key
lock also switched on again.

The average charging time for the battery is approx. 5 hours.

The eGo-T battery has a built-in microchip against overcharging and switches the charging process afterwards
full charge immediately.

When the operating light on the charger changes from red to green, the charging process is complete.

Another very important point: Charge your eGo-T ONLY with a 4.2V charging cable with 420
mAh output voltage!
Even if other chargers of other models fit, the
Use of the wrong charger FIRE HAZARD, and has the immediate expiry of the guarantee
benefits result!

To charge the battery, screw the battery into the USB charging cable and plug it in
the USB plug either into the mains plug, or into the USB port on the computer (attention,
does not work on some older computers.). The battery should light up on the button (depending on the model),
the charging cable should now switch from green to red. If the battery is fully charged, it jumps
Light back to green. To ensure a long battery life, please replace the battery
Always charge fully if possible.

How to assemble your EGO-T.

First screw the transparent CE clearomizer onto the battery. Then hold the eGo-T
with the mouthpiece upwards on the transparent part of the vaporizer, and screw with the
With the other hand, remove the black mouthpiece counterclockwise. Then fill in that
Liquid in the big hole, and not in the smaller one in the middle (air channel). Liquid in the air duct can
get into the mouth. Fill the clearomizer approx. 80% full and then screw
Send the black mouthpiece back onto the vaporizer hand-tight. Please note that you
should never steam with an empty tank, otherwise the atomizer head could burn out.

If the key lock is deactivated, you can now use the eGo-T.

Use the eGo-T

The eGo-T has a manual switch and only "steams" when the switch is operated. Hold that
Finger on the button and start pushing the button while pulling. A premature button
pressing can lead to overheating. Pull for a higher and more voluminous vaping experience
get, just slower, evenly and longer on the electronic cigarette.
Please note, however, that the trains should take a maximum of 5 seconds, otherwise overheating
cannot be ruled out.

battery pack

Always charge the battery fully, if possible, and only with a suitable charger (always 420mAh).
Please keep the battery away from heat, direct sunlight, sharp objects and moisture.
distance. As with any battery, the lifespan is limited. An average and well-maintained battery
can last several hundred charging cycles.

CE4 atomizer / clearomizer

The CE 4 clearomizer is a highly developed high-tech device. However, since steam condenses, there is
the possibility of drawing in condensation or that this clogs the air duct. To prevent this
Please clean the black mouthpiece of the clearomizer regularly. In case you have liquid in your mouth
please wipe it off immediately and / or rinse out your mouth. Never drink
Liquid and only use it for its intended purpose. Contact in case of accidental consumption
Contact a doctor or the emergency services immediately. Use opened liquid bottles as quickly as possible.
protect it from direct sunlight, heat, cold and children's hands. Children are not allowed
Have access to the liquid.

Since batteries and vaporizers are consumables, there is basically no guarantee.
power. Tanks, mouthpieces and liquids are hygiene items that cannot be returned.
Nevertheless, with the purchase of the eGo-T model you are of course entitled to a functioning device,
which is why we exchange defective parts for the first few weeks as a goodwill gesture. Goes out in the event of user errors
this voluntary guarantee.

Fill with liquid

It is best to hold your CE4 clearomizer at a slight angle for filling, about 45 degrees. That's how it works
the liquid exactly in the designated place. Make sure that no liquid gets into the air duct of the
Evaporator. We recommend the use of DIPSE Liquid, the bottles have one
Drip tip that has been optimized for filling the clearomizer. All electric cigarettes, Clearo-
You can fill up the mizer, tanks and vaporizer very comfortably and without any waste.

Please only pour the tank to approx. 80% full and top it up immediately if it is less than 0.2
ml are in the tank before you continue vaping. Cleaning the evaporator is technical
possible, for example to wash out previous flavors. However, we do not recommend
because after cleaning and drying the vaporizer parts, there is not enough liquid on the first puff
There could be a wick in the evaporator and it burns out like this. If you do decide to
wait after refilling. First pull without pressing the button to open the
To support liquid supply.

You can buy the eVod eGo-T Pro set here.