How to Make $ 6,000 Fast

Earn money quickly: tips & reputable sources of income

There are always small jobs with which you can earn money quickly. Students often find such offers on the notices in the universities. There are also various advertisements with job offers in classified ads portals that you can take advantage of quickly.

However, there are a few things to watch out for if you want to make some quick money:

  • Legality of the source of money
    Make sure to check whether the opportunity to earn money is also legal. Because nothing would be worse than getting into conflict with the law with a supposedly lucrative part-time job.
  • Watch out for traps
    Some quick money providers have clauses. Sometimes the payout is only possible when a certain amount has been collected. Other service providers, on the other hand, do not pay out any money, but rather give out vouchers.
  • Read the fine print
    Also check to what extent you are tied to a service provider with your job. Are you free to accept orders? Are you free to choose your place of work? These questions are important, because otherwise there is a risk of bogus self-employment.
  • Note earnings limits
    Check for yourself how much you can earn tax-free per year. Then calculate whether it is worthwhile to make use of these earning opportunities despite taxes.
  • Check type of employment
    Check whether you work independently with your work or whether you are only "employed" by one provider. If there is only one main source of income, it may be necessary for the service provider to offer you a mini job in order to avoid the risk of bogus self-employment.

Earn money quickly with small jobs

We'll show you a few serious ways to make money quickly with small jobs. In addition, we give you approximate earning opportunities for orientation - but note: The earning possibilities depend on many factors and are therefore given here without guarantee and only as examples.

Paid surveys

  • Up to 20 euros per survey

Market research companies are always looking for participants in larger surveys who are also remunerated. After a short research, you can quickly find some providers on the Internet who pay up to 20 euros per survey.

However, you should make sure that the amounts are paid out and that the work is not remunerated in the form of PayPal credit or Amazon vouchers.

Complete tasks via smartphone app

There are a number of companies that offer so-called "micro jobs" that are done with smartphones. The tasks range from photographing menus in a certain postcode area to submitting your own smartphone pictures to checking addresses on site. There are also apps that you pay for watching promotional videos or for clicking on advertisements. Some service providers also pay money for downloads from other apps.

Overall, the earning potential through “smartphone jobs” is generally rather low. The payment per “micro-job” is sometimes in the cent range - especially since offers such as remuneration for clicks on advertisements also fall into a legal gray area.

Give tutoring

  • Between 10 and 40 euros per hour

The giving of tutoring is a classic of fast and unbureaucratic earnings and is already suitable for schoolchildren. The earning potential is based on the quality of teaching you can deliver yourself and what the tutors are willing to pay. Schoolchildren can ask for ten euros per tutoring lesson.

If students give tutoring, the hourly wage can start at 20 euros. Depending on the complexity of the subject matter, 30 or 40 euros per hour are also possible. An interesting variant is tutoring for two or more people. They then pay less per person, but in total the tutor can earn more per hour.

If you give private tuition yourself, you have to make sure that you do not exceed tax exemption limits. Correctly, you would usually have to register a business for your tutoring and file a tax return for the income, even if no taxes are incurred because you are below the tax exemption.

Alternative: lessons

Of course, the “tutoring lessons” also include lessons in music or help with computer problems for which you charge money.

Go for a walk with dogs

So-called "dog sitters" have been common practice in the USA for a long time. In Germany there are also many people who walk dogs for others. This micro job is usually ideal if you already own a dog yourself.

The earning potential depends on the duration of the care and the number of dogs that you take on your walk. Income of more than ten euros per hour is possible.

Extra for film or television

  • Between 50 and 100 euros per extra role

Especially in metropolises, where films are often made, extras are often in demand for a variety of tasks. As a rule, these jobs are advertised by the production companies on their pages or advertised in job portals.

Usually a daily flat rate is given. Depending on the effort and production budget, you can get between 50 and 100 euros for your extra role. Depending on the provider, the payment is made either directly after work or within a short period of time.

Neighborhood help

  • Around 10 euros per hour

Do you have elderly people living in your neighborhood who need help with shopping or do the neighbors' children need a babysitter? All of these jobs fall under neighborhood help.

You can also earn money with it quickly. Ten euros per hour are certainly possible here.

Money with photos

  • Up to three-digit earnings

Anyone who can take photos well and knows how to present people, sights or other objects in an appealing way can earn money with their photos relatively easily. Numerous image databases also offer amateurs the opportunity to upload images.

If the photos are bought by agencies, websites or other customers, you will receive a percentage payment. If your pictures are in demand because they cover a trend or a certain season, three-digit income is possible.

When choosing the photo database, pay attention to the payment methods so that you know when you will get your money.

Blood plasma donation

Those who want to donate blood plasma can also receive money for it. The legal basis for this is provided by Section 10 of the Transplantation Act. Accordingly, the donation should be withdrawn without payment. However, an "expense allowance" is possible.

If you have no moral concerns about getting money for your plasma donation, you can register with various providers. As a rule, there are blood donation service providers in every major city. The expense allowance is based on the effort and can amount to up to 40 euros per donation. However, the providers limit the number of possible donations per year. This limit is also important for health reasons.

Sperm donation

  • Up to 100 euros per donation

There is an opportunity for men to earn money with a sperm donation. In many cities there are so-called "sperm banks" that help childless couples with artificial insemination.

The remuneration is very variable and can be up to 100 euros per donation. Admission to a sperm bank is preceded by various tests that must be passed.

Clinical studies

  • Up to 500 euros per study

Pharmaceutical companies test their drugs on humans in the final stage before they go on sale. Test subjects are often sought for these clinical studies.

If you want to expose yourself to the risk of possible side effects and feel able to act as a test person, you can earn up to 500 euros, depending on the study. However, this usually allows numerous examinations and, depending on the study, inpatient stays in the hospital.

Tasks in classifieds portals

The internet is full of opportunities to make money quickly. Classified ads portals are a useful point of contact. But always check how serious the offer is. Research, for example, what experiences other consumers have had with a provider. If you have major doubts, it is better to refrain from job offers.

Turn your own things into money

An easy way to make money quickly is to sell or rent out your own valuables, furnishings, or other property.

Selling old things

The good old flea market is an easy way to get some quick cash. The good thing about it: Your own apartment or house is freed from the things that are no longer needed anyway.

You can also sell your own property over the Internet. In addition to classified ads portals, there are also auction platforms where higher prices can be achieved. When posting ads on the Internet, be aware of any fees that may apply

Lend items

There are many things that you need only once and never again. A wedding dress, for example, is such an object. You can lend these things to other people for a fee through various providers on the Internet. For this a kind of rental contract is concluded and the service provider receives a commission for the mediation.

As the number of rental objects increases, you can then increase your rental income. The advantage of these providers is that the legal issues in the event of damage to the rental property are usually clarified.

Offer a lift

In cities in particular, it is no longer necessary to have your own car. If you want to reduce the cost of maintaining your car, but still don't want to do without your car, you can offer car ridesharing. Depending on the provider, this is possible in cities.

You can also submit your offers for longer journeys at car pool agencies. As a rule, you can not make quick money with it as additional income, but in total you lower your monthly car costs through additional income.

Sublet apartment

Anyone who has a room in their apartment or is going abroad for a longer period of time can sublet their living space. Depending on the city, this can be used to generate a nice additional income. However, it is important that the landlord agrees to sublease.

If you sublet without his consent and the landlord learns about it, in the worst case scenario he can terminate the apartment. In addition, you have to pay tax on your rental income.

Mini job

Anyone who does not earn more than 450 euros per month is considered to be marginally employed. The advantage of this form of employment is that the employer pays for taxes. However, you really have to be careful not to exceed the limit of 5,400 euros per year.

Many job offers that can be used to make money quickly have nothing to do with mini jobs. Rather, you theoretically have to tax your income as a self-employed person.

Tax aspects

As a rule, you must also declare all income that you generate to the tax office. There is an exception for private sales transactions.

If you have income from tutoring or from plasma donations or from clicking on advertising space, you have to pay taxes on this. In this case you are considered to be self-employed for tax purposes and this will be listed in the tax return as "Income from self-employed work". Depending on the type of self-employment, you also have to register a business for it. Whether you actually have to pay tax on your income depends on whether you exceed the tax exemption. In 2017, it was EUR 8,820 per tax year.

Students must ensure that their income does not exceed EUR 4,880 gross.

VAT exemption

Anyone who earns less than 17,500 euros per year according to Section 19 of the Sales Tax Act falls under the so-called "small business regulation" and is exempt from sales tax.

Alternative: borrow money

If you need money quickly and have regular income and a good credit rating, you can also borrow money from a bank. A loan has the advantage that it is available immediately after approval and can be repaid in regular installments. In addition, you do not have to part with objects, for example.

For small loans of up to 5,000 euros, it usually only takes a few working days for approval and an online application for the money to be transferred to the specified current account. If you want to use a loan, you should definitely carry out a loan comparison in order to save on loan costs. In addition, check in advance with a solid household bill which installments you can safely pay over the desired term.