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Calcium is ingested with food and is important for bone health, nerves and muscles.
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Calcium is a positively charged ion. A person has around one kilo of calcium in their bodies, which is mainly found in the bones and teeth. Calcium is for that Blood coagulation system and the excitement of Nerve and muscle cells responsible. In addition, calcium plays for the Bone structure an important role. Both too high and too low calcium levels are dangerous. Calcium is particularly found in dairy products.

For which possible diseases is the blood value determined?

In the case of thyroid or kidney diseases, the calcium level in the body is determined. The calcium level is also often determined in the event of an overdose or insufficient supply of certain vitamins.

It is measured in the blood serum, usually with other electrolytes such as phosphate, potassium, magnesium. A measurement in the urine (24-hour urine) is also necessary for certain diagnoses.

Normal values ​​for calcium in the blood

The total calcium in the body is 2.2 to 2.6 mmol / l in the normal range.

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What can be the causes of calcium levels that are too high?

An increased calcium concentration can indicate a hormonal disorder such as an overactive parathyroid or thyroid gland. Adrenal disease such as Addison's disease or lung disease can also be possible causes. Certain forms of cancer (breast cancer, lung cancer) cause calcium levels to rise. An overdose of vitamin D can also lead to a value that is too high.

Causes of low calcium levels

In contrast, too little vitamin D in the body leads to a reduced calcium level in the blood. Diseases of the intestine lead to low values, but kidney disease can also be the cause.

While too much calcium can be a sign of an overactive thyroid, a low calcium level often indicates an underactive thyroid. Medicines can also lower the value, for example estrogens, dehydrating agents, stomach preparations containing calcium or vitamin A supplements.

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