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This article is part of our "Internet in Simple Language" series.

Provider is a term from English. Provider means "provider" in German. A provider is a company that offers Internet services to a user. The providers differ in their services. For example:

  • Internet provider: The provider gives users access to the Internet. Internet access enables users to access the Internet with their device. An example of an Internet provider is T-Online.
  • Hosting provider: A hosting provider offers users a computer on which they can save their websites. This means that the websites on the Internet can be accessed by other users. One hosting provider, for example, is goneo.
  • Email provider: An e-mail is a message that you send over the Internet. An email provider is a company where users can create an email account. The users send their e-mails via this e-mail account. An example of an email provider is Gmail.
  • Cellular provider: Via a cellular provider, users can make calls with their cell phones or access the Internet. A cell phone provider is for example: Aldi Talk.

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This article is part of our "Internet in Simple Language" series.