App takes picture when someone unlocks iPhone

Taking a photo with the wrong code or PIN: which app can do that?

App that takes photos if you enter the code incorrectly on the lock screen? Is there an app that automatically takes a picture as soon as someone enters the wrong code or PIN on the lockscreen and then sends the photo to you by email? One or the other user of an Android or iOS device such as an iPhone may have seen it here and there, you enter the PIN code or the password incorrectly on the lock screen too often and then automatically and secretly the A photo was taken in the background via the front camera so that the owner of the smartphone can see who has often entered the code incorrectly and who may also want to crack the cell phone and search it secretly. Even if both Android and iOS devices do not currently have a built-in function with this feature, this can be retrofitted relatively easily via an app, at least as far as the owners of an Android smartphone are concerned.

Android app that takes photos if you enter the code incorrectly

If you want to automatically take a photo when someone has entered the lock pattern, PIN or password incorrectly on the lock screen, there is a pretty good app on Android for this. The app is called “Lockwatch - Protect Your Phone” and not only allows you to automatically take a photo if you enter the wrong PIN and password, but you can even have the GPS coordinates sent to a stored e-mail address . The action is completely silent and invisible, the person who entered the code incorrectly does not notice anything. The basic version of the app is free of charge; if you want more features, you can purchase them via an in-app purchase.

Take a photo with the wrong code on the iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Lockwatch app mentioned above is not (yet?) Available for the iPhone. Currently, the selection of apps with the feature described above on iOS for iPhone and iPad is still quite manageable, more precisely there are apps that promise this function, but the ratings are often quite bad. One example of this is “Big Brother Camera Security”. We didn't test the app ourselves, but the ratings look a bit poor.

For those who have a jailbroken iPhone, however, things are different. In Cydia, for example, you get the app called "iGotYa". The app works similarly to the Android app described above, as soon as someone has entered the wrong code on the iPhone, a photo of the iPhone user is secretly taken in the background and the GPS coordinates can be sent to you by email or save locally on the iPhone.