Celestion g12b 150 specs howard

I purchased a Marshall JVM 215 C in 2017. This is the stock speaker provided by Marshall.
This speaker behaves differently with different gains stages.
the JVM is a 2 channel amplifier with a crunch channel and an overdrive channel, with three settings each channel, six different gains stages.
I would estimate the speaker probably has 200-300 hours it's very nicely broken in, but it's in pristine shape. I had the amplifier set up in a warehouse it was never moved, probably played three hours a week every week for about 2 1/2 years.
The crunch channel has three settings 1. marshall clean, 2. crunch (59 plexi), 3. drive JCM 800.
The overdrive channel has, 4. hot rodded JCM 800, 5. JCM 800 with one more gain stage, and 6. was super massive heavy metal overdrive setting, speaker works well there.

I play almost all my guitars on the low gain crunch channel. So I put in an alnico cream 90W Celestion, and I just love it on those low gain channels. I was actually finally able to use the clean channel picked up some nice sparkle. which was just not there with the bass speaker.

This speaker did not work very well on the low gain channels, it was very bassy. I almost never used the clean channel sounded very dull. I ended up turning the bass knob almost completely off 1 - 2, and turning the treble knob to about 8.
However G 12B worked extremely well on the overdrive channel, the EQ of the speaker was just right for higher gain tones. nice and sparkly with the rich harmonics, I was able to put all the EQ knobs somewhere around five sounded particularly great with the hot rodded JCM 800 setting - heavier slash tones.
so I think Marshall designed this for much more power / gain, 150 W, 8 ohm,
I have heard that heavy-metal players like this speaker - Celestion G 12 B 150W. It's not available except in the JVM. the speaker was very carefully removed, was working perfectly, no damage that I can see.

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