Eat the rice chow yun fat

How healthy is rice?

Rice contains extremely little fat, but contains valuable complex carbohydrates that are processed more slowly by the body and therefore fill you up for longer. In addition, rice not only makes you slim, but also healthy and beautiful, because rice contains many important B vitamins that are important for the skin, nerves and metabolism. And one more thing: Rice provides the mineral magnesium, which is helpful in reducing stress. In addition, the little all-rounder is low in cholesterol and well tolerated.

Brown rice is particularly valuable

Often rice is peeled and loses its silver skin, which contains many minerals and vitamins. This is why unpeeled rice (brown rice) is particularly rich in nutrients. But parboiled rice can also keep up. Air is extracted from the parboiled rice and the nutrients are then pressed into the interior of the rice grain by means of warm water. The parboiled rice retains many of the important ingredients, but at the same time loses its taste.

Good for the body and mind

Rice helps to produce various proteins, such as enzymes or muscle cells, through amino acids that the body cannot produce itself. Rice is also a great helper for the slim line, because rice dehydrates the body due to the potassium. But rice doesn't just shed pounds for a short time. If you eat a balanced diet and include high-quality rice in your diet, you will eat healthily and cleverly. Because dishes with rice keep you full for a long time without having many calories. This is ideal for saving calories and still not sacrificing taste or getting annoying hunger pangs. You should be careful not to season rice too much, because salt causes water to be stored in the body.

The small grain really big

You can definitely eat a varied diet with rice, because rice can be used in a variety of ways and can be used both as a filling side dish and as a main ingredient in its own right. You will not be bored. Incidentally, 100 grams of cooked rice has roughly only a little more than 100 calories. However, the exact nutritional values ​​and calories of rice depend heavily on the rice variety. You can find an overview of the different types of rice and their calories here.