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Amazing Ikea Facts: These 10 Things You Didn't Know, Guaranteed

Everyone knows Ikea, and most of them love the Swedish furniture store: Ikea is simply a cult brand. But there are a few facts about the furniture giant that you are guaranteed not to know.

Made to last - as a foundation

Ikea is extremely successful, but not a company. In 1982, founder Ingvar Kamprad converted the group into a foundation. And this foundation, the "Stichting INGKA Foundation", is not based in Sweden, but in the Netherlands. This is not only clever from a financial point of view: It saves Ikea an enormous amount of taxes. It also secures Ikea in the future: the furniture giant can practically not be taken over by other companies and the sons cannot sell it.

Billy wherever you look

Billy is not only known to die-hard Ikea fans. The Billy shelf has been around since 1979 - and since then an estimated 41 million items have gone over the Ikea counters. "BBC News" has calculated: Worldwide, a Billy shelf is sold every ten seconds.

Ikea in the City

A characteristic of Ikea Germany is the choice of location. All Ikea houses are located a little outside of cities, mostly in industrial areas - with one exception: Ikea opened its first city branch in Hamburg Altona in 2014. The result: Altona is the best-visited branch in Germany, but not the most profitable. The first branch in Germany opened its doors in 1974 in Eching near Munich.

Ingvar Kamprad: Rich - but how rich?

Because Ikea is a foundation, it's hard to put a figure on Ingvar Kamprad's fortune. Depending on how it is interpreted, he or she has access to the foundation's assets or not. In the worst case, the 90-year-old's net worth is around $ 3.4 billion, and in the best case it is estimated at around $ 30 billion.

Welcome and enjoy your meal

Ikea is not only in the premier league when it comes to furniture. Ingvar Kamprad thought early on that an empty stomach doesn't like shopping. So he established restaurants in his markets. With great success: Thanks to Köttbullar & Co., Ikea is also one of the ten largest fast food providers in the world.

Wood, wood and even more wood

Ikea is not only big in the furniture and fast food business. Ikea is also a big player on the global wood market: the furniture giant processes around 14 million cubic meters of wood annually into boards and chipboard. And the amount doesn't even include paper and packaging.

Ikea - what does that mean?

Hardly anyone knows what the name "Ikea" actually means. The word doesn't exist, neither in Sweden nor anywhere else in the world. The name is an acronym. Kamprad has summarized the names that are important to him: "I" stands for his first name Ingvar, "K" for his last name Kamprad. As far as you can almost imagine. It is harder to come up with the meaning of the other two letters. The "E" stands for Elmtaryd, the parental farm on which Kamprad grew up. And the "A" stands for Agunnaryd, the name of his hometown.

Cool names for cool furniture

One of Ikea's trademarks is the names of the furniture. However, these are not fantasy products: In Sweden two employees are only busy finding new names - on the map. Sofas, armchairs or coffee tables usually have Swedish place names, while carpets, on the other hand, are named after Danish places. And bathroom items get their name from rivers and lakes. You can find even more explanations of Ikea product names in the next article.

Ikea's very special promotion of young talent

In his book "Unliebsame Truths", Jan Kluge claims that one in ten Western Europeans is now conceived on an Ikea mattress. If that's true, then Ikea promotes the next generation in a very special way. In England, Ikea mattresses seem to be particularly popular: there, one in five people is said to be an "Ikea product".

The book of furniture books: the Ikea catalog

Admittedly, the Ikea catalog is almost always a small work of art and is eagerly awaited in millions of households every autumn. The 300-page booklet is available in 29 languages ​​and, of course, is now also available digitally and as an app. Another superlative from Ikea: With a circulation of 220 million copies, it is the most widely distributed book in the world. You can find the latest edition of the flyer at Prospekte.bestcheck.de.

Incidentally, Ikea recently gave its customers a lifelong return guarantee - but not entirely unconditionally.