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Marital status “divorced” - where and when do you have to state it?

A person's marital status is one of the so-called Civil status data. Such information is especially useful for the management of Population registers significant. In Germany, a significant distinction is made between the family status “single”, “married”, “widowed” and “divorced”. But when and where do you have to state the marital status “divorced”?

The most important things in a nutshell: Marital status "divorced"

  • After a divorce, that changes too Tax class: to be divorced from married or separated.
  • in the curriculum vitae, for example an application, divorced persons do not necessarily have to indicate this.
  • In addition, the marital status "divorced" is usually only to statistical purposes raised.

Detailed information on the Marital status: Divorced" you will find below.

Tax and curriculum vitae: where does marital status play a role?

State the marital status "divorced" in the tax return?

What are the effects of marital status “divorced”?

There are numerous changes in the course of a divorce. One of them concerns the tax class change. However, this does not only have to be carried out when the persons concerned have already been legally divorced, but has already taken place in the year following the year of separation mandatory.

For this reason there is another point in the coat sheet in addition to the individual family status: "living permanently separated". Are you legally divorced, you can now state the marital status "divorced" in your tax return. In individual cases - for example in the case of moving costs - this can lead to better conditions than the indication "single".

However, will Permanently separated, divorced and single persons are treated in the same way for tax purposesso that the information here does not necessarily affect the tax burden.

Marital status: Divorced" - how long does it last? In principle, the following applies to all those affected: According to the Civil Status Act, you are considered divorced until you have remarried.

Further guides on the subject of taxes

Do you have to state the marital status “divorced” on your résumé?

In comparison, applicants in particular are asked to what extent there is an obligation to also state their marital status in their own résumé.

Basically: You are not required to include information about your marital status or any existing children on your résumé. Since these civil status data are related to the personal data count, you are largely free to decide to whom you entrust this knowledge and who not. A recruiter does not necessarily have to know whether you are married, single, widowed or divorced in order to make a decision.

However, it can happen that the Nevertheless, ask in a subsequent interview comes up. You do not have to answer truthfully here either if you do not want to disclose your existing marital status “divorced”. However, you should be aware that too there are other ways of obtaining such information - for example via a Facebook profile that is too publicly shared. And even after hiring, this can result from discussions. It is more a matter of weighing up each individual individually.

When else does the marital status “divorced” play a role?

When do you have to state the new marital status “divorced”?

Apart from the tax treatment, marital status is for outsiders usually not of interest. Information on this is often only given at Surveys, census or insurance applications queried. It mainly serves as a statistical characteristic.

After this Microcensus of the Federal Statistical Office was there in Germany in the year 2016

  • around 12.5 million single people,
  • 41,000 registered civil partnerships,
  • over 17 million married couples,
  • around 1.5 million permanently separated people,
  • almost 4.8 million divorced,
  • 4.8 million widowed people.

With such information, the Population overview become. This could be used to determine, for example, whether in future residential construction in particular will have to be geared more towards one-person households or more towards families.

In addition, the marital status sometimes plays a role in individual religious communities a role. For example, a married man cannot become a priest. The marital status “divorced” can also lead to a problem here, even if even remarried divorced people are to be given communion in the future.

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Marital status “divorced” - where and when do you have to state it?
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