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How to clean a tennis court

One of the advantages to hard court tennis surfaces is that they are almost maintenance free. However, once in a while, the dish will need some attention. A thorough cleaning to remove surface dust, dirt, and mold helps extend the life of the dish, keeps it safe for players, and improves its appearance. The process of cleaning the court does not require professionals. With a few basic supplies and equipment, your tennis court will look new. What you need
Soft, nylon or hair type broom
Leaf blower (optional)
laundry detergent
Hose with high pressure nozzle
5 gallon bucket
Smaller buckets
rubber gloves
Old clean rag
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Dish any benches, trash cans, water jugs, balls or anything that interferes with removing the cleaning process. Remove all foreign objects, leaves, sand, stones, branches, trash, dead insects, and fuzz balls with a broom or leaf blower. Start in the middle of the yard and push or blow to the outside edges. Discard the rubble.

Sprinkle the detergent on the yard and leach everything with a hose with a high power nozzle. It is best to do one side of the yard at a time. Scrub the surface of the dish with the broom, not bothering to miss the lines. Be careful not to apply too much pressure; Scrubbing too hard will attack the surface. Rinse the surface and repeat the process on the other half. Let the dish to dry. Check the dish for areas that contain mold or mildew.

Take a 5 gallon bucket and mix a solution of bleach and water (2 parts water to 1 part bleach) to apply on areas with mold or mildew. Protect your hands with rubber gloves. Dip a small bucket in the mixture and pour it onto the surface of the dish. Scrub the area with a broom for about a minute. Rinse the area thoroughly by hosing it off. Repeat this process if the mold or mildew remains, otherwise go to the next area. Continue until all mold or mildew has been removed.

Allow the dishes to dry thoroughly before playing on them. Wipe the court benches with water and an old rag before returning them to the court. Periodically, the courts check for the return of mold or mildew and take care of the areas as needed.