Films in which scientific experiments go wrong

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4. The marriage experiment | Some would call marriage the greatest experiment in life - even if this study by some British psychologists was not based on a classic experiment: they had thousands of weddings analyzed to find out if the couples had lived together before. One of the results: If both partners gave the same address when they got married, it was likely that they had already shared the apartment before the wedding party. Who would have thought? A more meaningful study by Marret Noordewier at Tilburg University in the Netherlands looked at what the consequences are when women take their husband's name. They are seen as more dependent, more emotional, less smart and ambitious by their environment - and they therefore earn less. Noordewier has calculated the loss: over her working life, a woman who has changed her name receives up to 360,000 euros less. The result is actually staggering - if the data hadn't been invented, as later emerged.