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The White House Patient - What We Don't Know

Donald Trump tweets again as usual. He says he's fine. With the discharge from the hospital, the health emergency after his corona infection seems to be over. But much remains unclear.

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Donald Trumpis back at the White House, he tweets the old way again. His discharge from the clinic on Monday seems to mark the end of the health emergency for the time being. Gone are the few days when the doctors stood in front of the cameras in front of the hospital and asked journalists about Trump's corona infection. But personal physician Sean Conley had said that with a view to the course of the disease he could give the all-clear only after the weekend. In the meantime, the public is largely groping in the dark about how the most famous corona patient is really doing. What we don't know:

Trump's health

It's unclear, how bad it Trump in the course of his illness really went - and how he is currently doing. In a statement on Tuesday, Conley seemed to have weighed his words carefully: Trump had the medical team no symptoms reported. The chief physician at the government headquarters did not write whether he showed any. Close-ups of Trump's return to the White House showed the President climbing a flight of stairs was out of breath.

On Wednesday, Conley then reported that the 74-year-old had been more than vfever-free for four days and have been for more than No symptoms for 24 hours more. Instead of choosing his own words for Trump's condition, he quoted the president as saying: "I feel great!", said this in the morning. The oxygen saturation in his blood and his breathing are good, according to the doctor. There have been no recordings of the President since his return to the official residence on Monday evening (as of Wednesday evening German time).

Doctors have forfeited trust after drawing a rosy picture of Trump's condition on Saturday and having to admit the following day that it was more serious. Twice they are Oxygen levels of the President have fallen over the course of the illness it was said on Sunday. On Friday morning the oxygen saturation of the blood had dropped below 94 percent, on Saturday again to around 93 percent. As of Tuesday, it was unclear whether Trump would be additional than once Oxygen administered got. Conley said on Wednesday: Trump has not needed additional oxygen since he was hospitalized. When Covid-19 attacks the lungs, the body has a poorer supply of oxygen.

What about Trump's lungs

Covid-19 has long been called a lung disease. It is now clear that the disease also affects others Affect organ systems can, as pointed out by the Robert Koch Institute. Trump's doctors have made it clear that his heart, kidney and liver functions are normal. When asked whether imaging tests showed an effect of the infection on Trump's lungs or evidence of pneumonia, his personal doctor kept a low profile: "There are some expected findings, but nothing of major clinical concern. "What is meant by" expected findings "remained unclear.

Time of Trump's last negative test

The White House and Trump's personal doctor continue to refuse to provide information about when the president is in front of his positive test was last tested negative for the corona virus on Thursday. According to previous information, Trump was tested every day. Because Conley and Trump's spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany are so covered on the issue, it is speculated that the White House is up to it Test regime not taken so strictly Has.

Conley had on Saturday for additional uncertainty worried when he said the diagnosis was 72 hours ago. That would indicate a positive test on Wednesday. He later corrected a statement circulated by the White House, stating that he meant it was "the third day" after diagnosis.

The time issue is important because Trump is still on Wednesday Donor met in Minnesota and subsequently there in front of several thousand followers occurred. On Thursday he flew to a meeting with donors in New Jersey. If he has already done all of this with the knowledge of a positive test or without a negative test, that would be irresponsible, because one must assume to be highly contagious in this phase.

How Trump got infected

Trump almost never wears a mask, despite the recommendation of the US health authority CDC - he even pulled it off his face when he arrived at the White House on Monday evening, although other people were nearby. Even Trump's closest employees rarely wore masks in his presence. Trump indicated early in the pandemic that he quickly to normal wants to return. That was all the more the case in the election campaign: On the home straight to Election on November 3rd In recent weeks he has received guests at the White House, traveled across the country, met supporters and appeared in front of supporters - including in the week before his diagnosis.

When asked about Trump's contagion, the focus is on one in particular Event in the rose garden of the White House on September 26th. More than 100 invited guests came together that day to watch Trump's presentation of the conservative Lawyer Amy Coney Barrett to be a candidate for the vacant judge's post on the Supreme Court. Few wore masks, and there was hardly any space between the chairs. Perhaps there was a so-called one among the visitors Super spreader, someone who contributed significantly to the spread of the pathogen. Photos showed that some participants - including Trump - also met at the White House during the event.

More now infected took part in preparing Trump for the TV debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Tuesday last week in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to Trumps, earlier ones were involved in the preparation Consultant Kellyanne Conway and campaign manager Bill Stepien also the close Trump adviser Hope Hicks and the former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. Corona infection has now been detected in all of them. (mss / dpa)

US President Donald Trump left the hospital after three days. On Monday evening he followed him back to the White House from the Walter Reed Military Hospital. He is currently feeling better than he was 20 years ago, the president announced. (Teaser image: imago images / ZUMA Wire)