Royal Mail where to put airmail stickers

Where do I put airmail stickers and what do they bring?

I don't think that's right. There is no reason, and hardly any possibility, to get a letter that costs as much as another one faster with just a special sticker. At least not within Europe, or where it is clear that he does not have to go through a few central offices in order to take a common path (such as to China, for example)

If such a sticker is noticed during sorting, what would have to happen so that it is processed faster to Austria?

Faster because it is more direct, but that means that other letters are first sent via "Peine Pattensen Paris" or faster because more immediately, which means that it is sent on with priority. Logistically it would then have to be a 2. Give level for this processing, and it does not cost a surcharge?

From Berlin to Vienna it is probably possible by air freight every day, from Nonnreit or Homberg to Bludenz or Mürzzuschlag it would be a detour from the nearest central distributor via an airport and from the arrival airport again to regional distribution than via the road, especially to small airports there is also less traffic, especially postal traffic. Kassel is a great example with regard to Homberg, if the airport is used at all)

The sense of stipulating airmail by sticker from every corner of the one in every corner of the neighboring country eludes me, and probably also the complex continental postal system with its own rules.

In the past there was a surcharge, especially overseas sending airmail to ship freight was worthwhile.

Today, the international express letter (exprès) is probably responsible for this.

I don't understand the last section at Catfonts in this regard.
Why is a letter sent in a more controlled manner if it is transported in a container instead of an airplane? And the China / Europe mail route is exclusively by sea?

there seems to be a lot of confusion in the container