What does the orange headscarf mean

What the headscarf means

Uta Glaubitz

Since the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, teachers in Germany have been allowed to wear headscarves. But that is not a sign of religious tolerance. The headscarf is the symbol of the submission of women to men and of the individual to the community. It is a sign that the German school has to accept religious intolerance for the time being.

Islam is intolerant: even in its moderate version, it does not allow any exit or change of religion. It is no coincidence that members of other religions around the world are discriminated against, harassed, crucified and beheaded in the name of Islam. This is not a “misunderstood Islam”, as it is often interpreted in a belittling way. This is Islam as it is currently showing on this planet.

Of course, the functionaries of the German Islamic associations are not IS killers. And yet they are united by the mission to enforce Islamic ideas against Western values. Ayyub Axel Köhler, the former chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, confessed to the headscarf and to support Muslim parents in deregistering their daughters from physical education. In his publication on the social order of Islam, Köhler writes that the form of government, democracy, is alien to Islam.

That could have said everything. As is not uncommon among Muslim hardliners, Köhler uses democracy and the rule of law to undermine the rule of law and democracy. Including his association, which despite the pompous name only represents a small number of Muslims in Germany. Under normal circumstances he would certainly not be asked to sit at a large table with German ministers. Just like you don't do with other democratic enemies.

The new chairman of the Central Council is called Aiman ​​Mazyek. Wikipedia states his job as a "media consultant". In this capacity Mazyek has already criticized the award of a prize to the Danish Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Consequently, after the murders of the Charlie Hebdo satirists in Paris, he did not demonstrate against the worldwide Islamic madness. But recited Koran suras at the French embassy in Berlin. Some veiled Turkish women waved red flags with crescent moons. I am not the only one wondering why this Islamic official advises German media.

It probably has to do with the idea that women and girls wear the headscarf in Germany - at least possibly - voluntarily. But that misunderstands the basic idea of ​​Islam: The Islamic culture is not voluntary. All she knows is submission. What the name of the religion already says. Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission: to the will of the father, the clan, the community. An Islamic representative who says "The girl wears the headscarf voluntarily" says "The girl has realized that it is better to submit to the will of the father."

Anyone who doubts this can ask: "Is the girl's freedom more important than the father's will?" The essence is that the community has tried to mediate between father and daughter - and after all, there are also problems with the Germans. Or something like that. It is left out that it is exclusively Muslim fathers who, in the worst case scenario, kill their daughters if they do not bow to their ideas.

One tool to undermine Western values ​​is to take legal action in German courts. School topics are particularly popular. Because every child has to go through school. Muslim boys complain that the school has to provide them with prayer rooms. In doing so, they lay the foundation for bullying Turkish or Syrian classmates if they do not demonstratively pray five times a day. Muslim girls complain that they are allowed to come to school in full veil. For example, they can bully Iraqi or Afghan girls if they take to the streets without being veiled. One can assume that Islamic communities and associations are behind complaints like these.

What should happen to the girls in Berlin and Duisburg who go out of the house veiled in the morning and take off their headscarves on the next street corner to be normal schoolgirls? From now on, the teacher's headscarf will tell them every day: “I am on the side of your clan. I have already submitted. And you too will submit. "

In 35 years' time, almost one in ten Germans will be - at least on paper - a Muslim. Due to the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, an above-average number of them will go into school service.

Converts play a special role in this. Experience shows that these tend to interpret their message in an extreme manner. They too will become teachers more often. In this way they can also bring the Islamic message closer to German girls: "Look here, I have Christian parents, but I too have submitted."

In order to penetrate life in Germany with an Islamic spirit, there will be more teachers with headscarves and more employees with headscarves in the school authorities, in the building authorities and in administration in general. And of course more lawyers with headscarves. They will sue for Islamic centers, mosques, Koran schools and foreign Muslim institutions that want to secure and expand their influence in Germany.

They will sue for Muslim parents who forbid their daughters from going on school trips and instead want them to marry at home. They will sue German theaters and German publishers if they have not already voluntarily renounced their freedom and have long since been busy avoiding any semblance of criticism of Islam - just like comedians or late-night talkers.

After the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, the question arose whether teachers with headscarves should be followed by judges with headscarves. One could ask why we should stick with the headscarf. Because the headscarf is basically nothing more than a niqab, chador or burka. Only the degree of female humiliation varies.

The headscarf ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court is also based on a “study” by DITIB, the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion. This is the religious authority of Turkey, which reports directly to the Prime Minister. She was already selling Islamic primers in this country, from which it emerged that women should not travel alone and that wives should not be beaten.

The phrase “Islam belongs to Germany” currently means that Erdogan's long arm extends to the Federal Constitutional Court. It is also enough in every German classroom. His blessing is: “Be a good Muslim woman. Go there and wear a headscarf at a German school. ”Many Germans are outraged by this development. Muslims too.

Uta Glaubitz manages the archive of honor killings in Germany (ehrenmord.de)

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