How did Dale Wayne Macomber die

Translation of "died" in English

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I think Krista died.
You know, my hunch is that Krista may have died recently.
My mother died, when I was little.
My mother died when I was a kid.
Madame, my mother died.
Your law died, Queeny.
my man diedSo it's only Stephen and me left.
My husband passed away, actually, so it's just Stephen and me now.
But the child diedand his death has estranged them from one another.
The child has, however, passed away, and his death has alienated them from one another.
Kelvin died while he waited for his replacement.
Kelvin died waiting for his replacements.
Norma, your mom ... you died.
Norma, your mom ... she died.
you diedbefore you came.
She died before you got here.
Melissa died, and I just locked it inside of me.
Melissa died and I just packed it in.
Tommy's brother diedbecause I failed.
Tommy's brother died because I failed.
you diedwhen i was in jail.
She died while I was in prison.
Amir died... but almost nothing happened to me.
Amir died... but I was barely hurt.
Her husband diedand she wants to turn it into a flower shop.
Her husband died, and she wants to make the joint into a flower shop.
We were in the Navy together, him died.
We were ... in the Navy together, and he died.
you diedwhen i was four.
She died when I was about four.
Daniel's sister Olivia died, his brother Philippe is in South America.
Daniel's big sister, Olivia, died, his big brother, Philippe, went to South America.
My mom diedwhen i was very young.
You know, my mom died when I was young too.
I mean, New Hope died.
My brother diedso that you get rich.
My brother died making you rich.
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