Who makes Rotolok fittings for polyethylene

Best range - even underground

PLASSON - international manufacturer and technology leader of pipe connection elements for water and gas supply, sewage disposal and industrial pipeline construction - and Kamstrup - the world's leading manufacturer of system solutions for intelligent energy and water metering - bundle their know-how and form a strong partnership. PLASSON supplies innovative plastic manholes and Kamstrup supplies the precise ultrasonic water meters for automated radio readings.

Advantage through cooperation between PLASSON and Kamstrup

In those cases where the water meter is installed outside of buildings in protected ground areas in shafts, the radio signal for remote reading often loses its range. A massive manhole cover also restricts the connection. There is a significant improvement in range thanks to an easy-to-install clip-on antenna from Kamstrup.
And this is where Sebastian Schmidt-Schalles, a state-certified technician from Stadtwerke Rotenburg a. d. Fulda, a link established between PLASSON and Kamstrup. The technician has been using PLASSON shafts since 2008 and has been using Kamstrup's ultrasonic water meters since 2015. "I would like to combine the good manholes from PLASSON and the good meters from Kamstrup and thus achieve the best possible operating result", was the requirement of Sebastian Schmidt-Schalles. So he brought the two companies together and let his know-how flow into the construction of a special antenna device for the shaft.

What makes this construction so extraordinary? For this purpose, the structure of the manhole must be explained: It is a scissor-like structure and internal PE rods that can be pulled at street level with the help of a forced guidance. The water meter can be pulled to street level using the scissor-shaped PE rod, which means that there is no longer any need to enter the shaft. And this places special demands on the entire antenna construction:

  • The height adjustability requires that the antenna can be carried along when the shaft is adjusted.
  • The cable length must be chosen so that the cable is not torn off
  • Easy to implement for the operator
  • Protection against ingress of rain and flood water - watertightness