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History drama, friendship / P16 / Gen
Abarai RenjiKuchiki Rukia
Numajiri Hankyo's family always respects tradition. It has always been this way and it should stay that way. In each generation of the main line, only one girl is born and this girl has a special status. Although the family does not belong to a noble house, every head of the family strives that the only daughters marry well. The higher the reputation or the rank of the man, the better the reputation and the relationships of the family to rise more and more. If it weren't for the puberty and stubbornness. (Renji x OC)
HistoryDrama, love story / P16 / Gen
Aizen SousukeGrimmjow JaegerjaquesKuchiki RukiaKurosaki IchigoOC (Own Character) Ulquiorra Cifer
Mika is a perfectly normal soul whose body, not too long ago, was drowned out. At least she thinks so, because she lacks any memories of the time in the earthly world. After her death, on Aizen's orders, she was taken from Ulquiorra to Hueco Mundo. She has lived there for several years now, at Las Noches, and is taught by Ulquiorra how to use her skills. "Tacita", the Zanpakuto of Mika, is, so to speak, covered with a curse, which Mika forbids to speak. Which is not a problem for her, because she prefers to share her thoughts and feelings with the silence. | Pair: [Ulquiorra x Oc x Grimmjow] |
HistoryDrama, love story / P18 / Gen
Abarai RenjiHitsugaya ToushirouMatsumoto RangikuOC (Own Character)
Adult Toshiro x OC A little story of an eternal love that had to endure a lot and still has a lot to do. Toshiro finds his dead love again but it is anything but easy to deal with. What secret is behind it and what will happen to you remains to be seen;) (Lemon included!)
Drabble General / P12 / Gen
Hall oils :) I have a lot of favorite songs ... and I also like a lot of the characters from Bleach. That's why I thought I'd just take the lyrics and write some OS with different characters.
HistoryFriendship, pain / consolation / P18 / Div
Abarai RenjiGrimmjow JaegerjaquesInoue OrihimeKuchiki RukiaKurosaki IchigoUlquiorra Cifer
-AU- New York Academy of Performing Arts. Only the best are accepted here. Only a few of them finish their sinfully expensive studies. Talent, perseverance and absolute devotion to dance are the prerequisites to make it here. But if you have the former ballet icon Ulquiorra Schiffer as a teacher, even that is not enough. Orihime and Grimmjow, together with their classmates, have to find out. Because your teacher tries to ensure that no one passes his course. - Starring: Ulquiorra, Orihime, Grimmjow - Co-Starring: Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Nemu, Uryuu - With appearance of Yoruichi, Soifon, Ukitake and as special guest "Mr. Hat-and-Clogs" Kisuke Urahara
StoryLove Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Aizen SousukeIchimaru GinKira Izuru
[1. OS AiGin] [2. OS AiGin / (implied) AiIzu] It's Christmas in the Soul Society. Aizen Sousuke is on his way home with moderate contempt for this festival, but meets his subordinate, who is extremely confused by what is going on in the Christmas Seireitei, and tries to explain the meaning and purpose of it all to him. You can read here how this encounter ends in front of a Christmas tree and why both of them can finally get something out of Christmas. ;-) This is a Christmas special for my FF, The Treason That Unites Us', but you don't have to read the FF to understand this one shot! Have fun and Merry Christmas! // Shounen Ai / Lemon //
HistoryDrama, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Abarai RenjiKuchiki ByakuyaKuchiki Rukia
Bleach / AU - Drama / Romance _ (I recommend reading the first part first) _ Renji and Byakuay are back together - but that doesn't mean peace, joy, pancakes. Because suddenly Hisana's aunt appears and brings a dreadful, well-kept secret to light, which above all throws Byakuya completely off track. And then there's Ichigo's secret - what if Rukia finds out about him and Grimmjow after all? How does it all end and what else our darlings can expect? You can be curious ^^ (Warning: AU; YaoI - main pair RenBya)
HistoryGeneral / P12 / MaleSlash
Grimmjow JaegerjaquesKurosaki IchigoKurosaki KarinKurosaki Yuzu
This is the second story of the advent calendar for December 1st Grimmichi ^^
HistoryDrama, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Abarai RenjiGrimmjow JaegerjaquesHisagi ShuuheiKuchiki ByakuyaUlquiorra Cifer
Bleach AU _ Romance / Drama _ Just imagine Renji twice - a version of it female - and both have a lot of temperament. Then there is the mother, from whom both inherited the temperament; then you have the first ingredient of my FF. What happens if the three of them move to a rich neighborhood because of their mother's marriage and are confronted with the full bigwig program and other things there? What secret is Ulquiorra hiding? And what does Byakuya have to say about certain facts? You can look forward to a new, nice story from me: D __ WARNING: Yaoi & Yuri - don't like, don't read __ Main pair: Renji x Byakuya; Side pair: Grimmjow x Ulquiorra (possibly more: D)
HistoryAdventure, Drama / P18 / Gen
Ichigo Kurosaki is dead. Died in an accident unrelated to Hollows or anything like that. He's just a 17 year old boy who didn't see the car that drove towards him while he was out with his father. However, he has no idea what to expect after his death. And that there is more than he ever thought he had known.
HistoryDrama, love story / P18 / Gen
Grimmjow JaegerjaquesInoue OrihimeNelliel Tu OdelschwanckUlquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra plays two roles in his life that his adoptive siblings know about. At school he's the creepy loner who looks down at everyone else as if they were just insects. Outside he is the involuntary accomplice when his brother Grimmjow feels the need for adventure. But there is another role, his real self, which he can only live out on the forum "Las noches". He thinks. But what if he can no longer maintain the strict boundary between his three lives and they gradually blend together? II Real Life, Lemon, UlquiHime, GrimmNel
StoryAdventure, Fantasy / P12 / Gen
Abarai Renji Kuchiki Byakuya
Romina and Catalia are sisters who have a very special connection to each other. Because their souls are connected in a way that goes beyond the breadth of any common sense. It is precisely this connection that leads both of them back into a world that shouldn't actually exist at all. There one expects only one thing of them: they should become those who they were before their rebirth. And that puts both of them to the test.
HistoryFriendship, love story / P12 / Gen
Hitsugaya ToushirouKuchiki RukiaKurosaki IchigoKurosaki Karin
An OS collection of many unrelated OS, in which almost all genres are represented somewhere and with the main focus on the pairing Hitsukarin and Ichiruki :) stop by, I'm sure you will find something :) After The Unbreakable Oath and the two Tell me stories something smaller, but in which there will definitely be OS that relate to these stories;)
HistoryDrama, love story / P16 / Gen
Hirako ShinjiKurotsuchi MayuriOC (Own Character) Sarugaki HiyoriShihouin YoruichiUrahara Kisuke
»Fear, worry and despair are human, but you shouldn't let them determine your life and yourself. «- Quote from Unknown [OC-FF]
StoryHumor, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Grimmjow Jaegerjaques Kurosaki Ichigo
Ichigo wins the fight against Grimmjow in Las Noches. But somehow he can't just let him die there and decides to take him home with him. Grimmjow has to adapt to the new life, even if he doesn't really want to. He gets used to it over time, but also to Ichigo? Grimmjow x Ichigo, P18 slash in later chapters ♥
HistoryAdventure, love story / P18 / Gen
OC (Own Character) Ukitake Jyuushirou
A girl from a wealthy family who is betrayed by the family and still finds love.
HistoryDrama, Suspense / P18 / MaleSlash
Grimmjow JaegerjaquesUlquiorra Cifer
It starts with a fight. When unexpected feelings awaken in Ulquiorra, a forbidden passion flares up between him and the Sexta Espada. But the impossible becomes a cruel reality and soon they are nothing more than puppets in a big, abnormal experiment .--- [Semi-Canon, GrimmUlqui, Darkfic, Drama]
HistoryFriendship, love story / P12 / Gen
Hinamori MomoHitsugaya ToushirouInoue OrihimeKuchiki RukiaKurosaki IchigoSenna
Momo Hinamori is actually a completely normal student. Aside from having a bossy stepmother, two cocky stepsisters, and a relatively normal stepbrother. The popular spring ball is about to take place soon and what happens before and after you can find out here. Pairings: HitsuHina and a few more (is my first FF so please don't be too strict)
StoryAdventure, love story / P16 / Gen
Hitsugaya ToushirouOC (Own Character)
When Toshiro travels to Karakura on the orders of the General Commander to find a certain person with extremely strong reiatsu, he meets Alice Akihisa, a beautiful girl who is known at her school for her strength and musical talent. Toshiro soon finds out that Alice is anything but ordinary and has one or two things to hide. At first he doesn't suspect it, but it will still play a very special role in his life. (Toshiro x OC)
HistoryFear, love story / P18 / Gen
Ichigo's HollowKuchiki RukiaKurosaki Ichigo
Ichigos Hollow desires what the other self has and he will take it no matter what it costs. My FF plays at the beginning of the Arrancar-Arc, at the time when Rukia has just moved in with the Kurosakis. (later lemon or lime, as well as violence, hence P18); (Ichigo x Rukia)
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