What is the name of a Korean apricot

Apricot guide

Tips for caring for apricot trees

Apricot trees want to be provided with a complete fertilizer every year in late winter or early spring so that they produce juicy, tasty fruits. After fertilizing, it is advisable to apply a layer of mulch, but it must not reach the trunk to prevent rot.

When it is dry in spring and summer, apricots need adequate irrigation, especially when the trees are against a house wall, because there is less rain and the soil is often interspersed with building rubble down to the deeper layers, which acts like a drainage.

Most often apricot trees are not as rich as peach trees; if your tree has grown too much fruit, you will have to thin out some of it. The best time to do this is when the fruits are about the size of a hazelnut. One fruit every 8 to 10 cm is sufficient here - because this also reduces the risk of breaking the otherwise overloaded branches.