What to do with sour green grapes

What to do with grapes that have seeds?

Hi Barossa,
It's been a while since you wrote about the seeds in the red grapes, but I had to laugh soooo ...... when I read this. I bought exactly these grapes from Ald * 2 weeks ago and they were uniquely sweet and tasty (at least that's what I thought!) I made the big mistake and added some of them to the fruit salad, because they were so big, I just cut them in half . My better half grumbled the kernels got stuck between his teeth and and ...... Why does he have to bite on everything! I'm not that fussy there and it got to the point where I got all the grapes to eat. You could core them, so after they are cut in half and there is only one core in these huge things anyway, you could (but really only if you really wanted to!) Uncoil them out. In any case, I don't do it and only buy the green grapes without seeds for my husband and nor as many of the thick red grapes as I can eat them myself. Yes, unfortunately I don't have a very good solution for you either.
Greetings from Qld