Bulge in the stomach when leaning back

Bulge on the belly? What could it be?

Hello everyone, I am a very, very sporty person. I do strength / endurance training 5 times a week. I also pay close attention to my diet.

I'm happy with my figure, too, except for my stomach. I know it sounds weird, but it doesn't match the rest of my body. Flat on top and in the middle of my stomach is a line and then a curve. But it is not fat.

I train too hard for that. I also did a body scan like that, it was hardly fat.

I really don't know what to do next ... I can't afford a tummy tuck.

I am ashamed as soon as I have to show my stomach .. even in the top you can see it ..

had it since I was 14-15. Then I thought it was fat because I ate all over the place. But now..

what should I do? Do you have any tips?

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