How to make non-melting sugar

Sugar Intolerance: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Many people who suffer from flatulence, cramps and diarrhea have gone through a long path of suffering. Since the symptoms are very unspecific, it often takes some time before the correct diagnosis is made.

  • If you suspect you are intolerant to sugar, you should first write a diet and symptoms log for at least a week. That gives a first clue - also for the doctor.
  • You should consult a doctor for an exact clarification. Finally, a breath and / or blood test can be used to find out which intolerance you are suffering from.
  • But: Sugar intolerance can neither be cured nor treated with medication.
  • Therapy is dietary in that you avoid or reduce your intake of the sugar in question. In this context, it can be helpful to consult a nutritionist who will draw up a precise diet plan with you.
  • If you Sucrose not tolerated, you should replace the substance with glucose, milk sugar (lactose) or fruit sugar (fructose).
  • At a Lactose intolerance you can take the missing lactase enzyme in tablet form before consuming dairy products. The tablets are available in the drugstore or in the pharmacy in different strengths.
  • At a Sorbitol intolerance you should avoid foods containing sorbitol. This also includes sugar-free chewing gum, sweets, dried fruit as well as medication and food supplements. Important: People with fructose intolerance should also avoid sorbitol products. The reason: Sorbitol also increases fructose intolerance.
  • If you're at a IFI you should avoid foods with fructose. These include fruits or legumes. There are now tablets in pharmacies that contain the enzyme xylose isomerase, which supports the digestion of fructose.
  • They suffer HFI, you have to completely avoid fruits and vegetables.
  • At a Galactose intolerance it is advisable to avoid foods containing galactose such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products (including those that are lactose-free).