How to restore BIOS settings for Asus

How to set the BIOS correctly

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Your PC works faster, more stable and more economical - if the BIOS settings are correct. We show what the BIOS is all about and how you can optimize it.

You do not have to download or install the Bios (Basic Input Output System): This mini-system software is located in a chip on the motherboard. Every time you switch on your PC or notebook, it starts automatically. It reads out the hardware components and only then does the operating system load. With the right BIOS settings, your PC works faster, more stable and more economical.

AMI or Award / Phoenix?

You can see whether your BIOS comes from AMI or Award / Phoenix directly after starting the PC on the monitor. The BIOS version, the name of the mainboard, the processor information, the size of the main memory and details of the built-in hard drives are displayed there one after the other. You can access the BIOS setup by pressing a certain key when the PC is started, usually [Del] or [F10].

This is how the bios tuning works

The BIOS manufacturers call the options in their menus slightly different, but very similar. So look for synonymous names in your version.

Bios compendium:

The Bios Compendium is a comprehensive collection of explanations for Bios settings and terms. It explains the options separately for each manufacturer and offers detailed help. The compendium is no longer being developed. However, it provides good information about the basics of bios and is therefore still a valuable source of information.

Testing: You can use a free program such as Sandra Lite (for XP, Vista and Windows 7) to check how fast and stable your PC is, for example after your BIOS interventions. If your BIOS should go on strike due to incorrect or exaggerated settings, our contingency plan in this article will help you.