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In a contribution by GQ, the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® was chosen among the six best electric toothbrushes of the year 2021. They were particularly impressed by our "VERY GOOD" rating from Stiftung Warentest and the unique yoga breathing trainer mode

8 reasons to love the sonic toothbrush from edel + white

"The softness of this brush is unbeatable ...

... nevertheless it cleans very thoroughly. The different modes are great too, from "soft" to "whitening". I find the 'yoga mode' particularly relaxing "

- Brigitte Chopard for

The hydrodynamic effect

The contactless cleaning is similar to a whirlpool in the mouth. It makes a sonic toothbrush 30% more effective than manual toothbrushes.

A powerful motor with a high frequency and an amplitude of around 8 ° generates high speed and a large range of motion. This creates strong currents of fluid in the mouth, which penetrate between the teeth and under the gumline and virtually wash away bacteria and food particles.

Our Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is one of the best performing sonic toothbrushes on the market, but what really sets them apart are their brush heads.

Three different shapes of brush heads offer a solution for every need. The larger Dual Clean increases efficiency by cleaning two teeth at the same time. The round head Focus® brush draws attention to each individual tooth. The tapered Target® brush offers additional care when brushing with precision. Using all three brushes ensures that every surface of every tooth is mechanically cleaned - even the spaces between the teeth.

UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles are tapered for flexibility and thorough cleaning. A stable base supports exceptionally fine tips that reach between the teeth and can dip under the gumline. For this reason, the Konex HD® bristles clean more deeply than other sonic toothbrushes.

The flexible bristles vibrate gracefully in response to the high frequency and amplitude generated by the Sonic. This sweeping movement transports the power of the toothbrush to every corner of the mouth.

When you use the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® with one of their special brush heads, no area of ​​the mouth is left untouched by the bristles of the head or the force of the handle.

Which brush head do you choose?

Everyone has their own special talent, so that the brush heads can be combined for all-round cleaning, polishing and protection.